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What's the Strategy in the U.S. for Neovasc's Reducer?

4 months ago

Neovasc (Nasdaq: NVCN) is a medical device company primarily known for Reducer, which is a minimally invasive device that helps treat patients with refractory angina. The device has been approved in Europe

Medtronic Acquiring Intuitive Surgical

6 months ago

I never would have believed this rumor if I heard about it at the time. With that said, after seeing how long it is taking for Medtronic to get their robotic surgery program to the market, and how much Intuitive has grown in this time, it would have been wise for Omar to have acquired Intuitive. They still can though....

Intuitive 360

10 months ago

Yes, only for the free passes to the gentlemen's club afterwards

da Vinci Area Sales Manager

11 months ago

Is this job still a good place to be within Intuitive? I know reps were making bank back in the day selling systems. Now it seems like it's more upgrades and account maintenance. Can you still make money and is the pipeline strong enough where accounts will be increasing system placements in the future?

Lastly, is current or future competition a concern with reps at the company?

Jersey City Medical Center da Vinci Xi Marketing

12 months ago

Is it necessary at this point to get a news article done about a new robot that basically does the same thing as the other 5 that this hospital has on site? This kind of marketing was great when no one had robots but now everyone has at least 2. Kind of a waste imo.

Intuitive Surgical Stock

1 year ago

Stock was almost $600 at the beginning of the month and now $528. Were earnings that bad?

The New Hiring Standard at Intuitive Surgical

1 year ago

I see nothing wrong with this strategy. The kids get good sales training at companies like Enterprise and come in willing to learn. We teach them our way of doing things and they aren't jaded by previous device companies who may not train their reps very well.

It could be much worse.

Boomsauce Meaning at Intuitive Surgical

1 year ago

I'm a new CSR and some of the tenured reps and mangers have been saying Boomsauce and apparently it's has an internal meaning. Little help for the newbie?

da Vinci Improves Outcomes and Saves Costs

1 year ago

Anyone involved in the medical device industry at a higher level knows studies wouldn't get done without some sort of industry involvement. Look at the major research and teaching hospitals. They have 20-30 staff members working on studies and managing patients for these studies. The unfortunate part is surgeons sometimes talk out of both sides of their mouth. I bet they would like a study done without involvement but good luck having them cut a check. Their response is always something like, "i…

Maker of $1.5 Million Surgical Robot Hid More Than 700 Injury Claims, Insurer Says

1 year ago

All these years later and Intuitive Surgical is stronger than ever. Leeches may get a taste of blood every once and a while but they never do any real damage. Same outcome here.