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3 years ago

Yes, silly question.

Intersect ENT Territory Managers vs. Sales Consultants

3 years ago

I'm interviewing for a sales consultant position and the question I have has to do with reimbursement. I have been told Propel is reimbursed with existing codes but others have said Surgery centers are not likely to purchase it because of the cost and the reimbursement isn't very high for sinus surgery these days. Can anybody help walk me through the reimbursement landscape for Propel

I Smoke Pole

3 years ago

so Nick and the CT rep are weed heads ?

Intersect ENT Propel study finds efficacy in frontal sinus

3 years ago

The DOJ doesn't care about Intersect and what your falling to understand is someone from the inside would have to be a whistleblower. You won't get that from them.

What is the compensation?

3 years ago

And again, they could hire sales consultants and get the same result. This job is easy.

My Goombas

3 years ago

Paul Priano, Sonny Bono, and Goovanni Capalonga

Intersect ENT Nova Trial

4 years ago

How long will it take to complete the study and when can you expect approval?