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Good Company to work for? Good Territory?

2 weeks ago

Reps make $250k , managers $275k & VPs $300k

Keep in mind we lost $10,000,000 last quarter and our CEO is now gone.

Major changes have been necessary for a while and I’m betting Binney will be out next. Neither one has listened to feedback and 8% growth just doesn’t cut it.

Your impression of this job is spot on and our results speak for themselves...

Intersect Get Acquired or Make Acquisitions?

2 weeks ago

Whoever posted this was spot on. Lisa announced on Monday she is leaving for a new opportunity. You don't leave as CEO unless you're forced out or there are concerns about the future of the company you are currently working for. A whole bunch of changes are about to happen at Intersect ENT.

Couldn't say it better myself...

1 month ago

On top of all that, management is the first to hold good people back and knocking them down. The quotas are so unrealistic that even great reps have a bad year. The product is also expensive making ASC's a tougher sell. The new product that was recently launched is also having a tough rollout.

Indianapolis Territory...

2 months ago

I heard the same thing from my recruiter. Could be a good thing if he’s calling the shots moving forward.

The truth about Intersect and the future

2 months ago

Good to see nothing has changed in 4 years. Comp continued to go down to all-time lows.

Growth Entirely From Increased Prices - This Market Needs a Competitor

2 months ago

No one will get in the market because I believe it can't be cleared through a 510(k) so it won't be cost effective. The most likely scenario is Intersect gets acquired because that is cheaper than developing something then bringing it to market.

It is a great product but the OP is right, the growth is dead here.

Medtechy Deals: You Need this Car Jump Starter Kit

2 weeks ago

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Praino’s Advantage

3 months ago

I heard he got caught in a room at HQ blowing Binney

Intersect ENT News

5 months ago

my scrub tech told me she was told by the 'asian balloon' rep to dip the balloon catheter in triamcinolone acetonide and get the same results for like 1/3 price...then use hemostatic nasal X to keep turbinate medial , they call it 'MacGyver technique'

Keep Stocking Those Shelves Intersect ENT

6 months ago

4th quarter push = doing anything and everything to make your number. Dropping boxes, Propel in EVERY frontal sinus, fake reorders. Whatever it takes!!!