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Intersect Get Acquired or Make Acquisitions?

5 days ago

3 years ago I couldn’t take it, hit my absolute limit... About a year and a half ago I quit and it’s been the best thing I’ve done for myself in a long time!

I won’t get into the ugly, but it’s surprising things have gone this well

Praino’s Advantage

1 month ago

I heard he got caught in a room at HQ blowing Binney

Intersect ENT News

3 months ago

my scrub tech told me she was told by the 'asian balloon' rep to dip the balloon catheter in triamcinolone acetonide and get the same results for like 1/3 price...then use hemostatic nasal X to keep turbinate medial , they call it 'MacGyver technique'

Keep Stocking Those Shelves Intersect ENT

4 months ago

4th quarter push = doing anything and everything to make your number. Dropping boxes, Propel in EVERY frontal sinus, fake reorders. Whatever it takes!!!

Nick Freeman Part Deaux

7 months ago

He has no clue what's going to happen to him. Hope he's ready

Stryker acquires OrthoSpace for up to $220 million

5 days ago

Stryker ($SYK) announced they are acquiring OrthoSpace for up to $220 million. The all cash deal includes an upfront payment of $110 million and future milestone payments of up to an additional $110 million.

New High for the Stock!

10 months ago

Nothing more than profit taking because the stock has crushed it over the last two years. If you look it is back up to where it was before the sell-off.

Intersect Outlook

11 months ago

Honestly, everything you heard is true. The management team is rock solid and so are the products. The product they started out with isn't even going to be their biggest product by the end of next year. That's the sign of a good company.

Medtronic is Officially a Competitor

11 months ago

I heard a random rumor from a customer tied in with Medtronic and he said they are exploring the sale of their ENT division. He said Stryker was interested. Don't shoot the messenger!

FDA approves expanded use for Abbott's MitraClip

6 days ago

Originally approved in 2013 for patients with mitral valve abnormalities who are not suitable for mitral valve surgery, Abbott's MitraClip was given the FDA ok for expanded use today.

Note to Management: Reasons Many Are Leaving

1 year ago

I disagree. Sorry this guy left and was unhappy but you don't see much negativity on this board besides this post because reps are happy at Intersect. Good products and solid management with a start up feel. Very tough to beat these days.

Intersect ENT National Sales Meeting

1 year ago

I'd bet money this guy isn't here anymore. More products have come and the meeting was great. On to another great year.