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Market Access is the Problem

4 months ago

Major surgery? Really? One month of these verses a lifetime strapped to tubes?

Lol, only in america would the desire to fire a gun be a reason not to get a surgery that literally helps you breathe easier...

go ahead and short and enjoy those hard to borrow fees.

More big news - smaller, thinner, longer lasting device and new publications

8 months ago

Inspire is one company that got off to a rough start but they've turned the company around and are now getting a nice amount of traction. The reimbursement process is still the biggest challenge in getting patients in the door.


11 months ago

Yes. There has been a big hiring push in the last 2 quarters as insurance coverage improves. Aetna recently came on board.

SLEEP Meeting - Impressive data

2 years ago

I honestly thought the company was dead and then I heard a radio ad the other day. I think they said to go to The last investment was in 2016. I wonder if Medtronic still has money in them. Sales can't be that great.


4 years ago

How is it different than Inspire?

University Hospitals Case Medical Center Article

5 years ago

Awesome publicity for the team as we get this therapy off the ground and help patients in need.

University Hospitals first in Ohio to offer implantable device to treat moderate to severe sleep apnea

CLEVELAND – The recent approval by the Food and Drug Administration of a new treatment for obstructive sleep apnea is becoming more widely available in the United States and is now available for the first time in Ohio. University Hospitals Case...

Another $40M influx

5 years ago

This is awesome to see. Look at the variety and amount of backers we have. JNJ, MDT, KPCB. The biggest question is how soon we get acquired.

  • Inspire Medical Systems has raised $40 million in Series E money it will use for the U.S. launch of its implant device designed to treat sleep apnea, the company announced.

  • The cash will be used to launch the company's Inspire device, which was approved by the FDA in April and is a nerve-stimulation implant targeted to a person's jaw that helps keep …