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Harmonic Ace +7 Use limit?

2 months ago

I heard Ethicon was considering the implementation of a cut-off switch on the Harmonic Ace 7 so that Stryker could no longer reprocess them. I see there is an open recall against Stryker for the Stryker-reprocessed unit that states "devices may display an error code (No Instrument Uses Remaining) upon initial connection to the generator. When this error code is present, the device is not able to be used". Did Stryker really reprocess many of these? The recall says it's for "one lot" of 187 un…

HeartFlow Announces FDA Clearance for HeartFlow Planner

3 days ago

​HeartFlow, Inc. today announced that it has obtained clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the HeartFlow Planner, a non-invasive, real-time virtual modeling tool for coronary artery disease (CAD) intervention.

FDA Reclassifying Surgical Staplers

3 months ago

What's the long-term negative if the FDA reclassifies surgical staplers as class 2 medical devices rather than class 1? Surgical staplers would then be subject to premarket reviews and more testing would have to be completed before they could get approved. How much does this affect new products?

Endo-Surgery Curved Intraluminal Stapler Recall

4 months ago

Let's uncensor the words, shall we? Looks like John Wayne Bobbitt may have been one of the patients.

"The company confirmed serious device-related injuries to two patients. Misfiring of the stapler resulted in an additional resection (of the middle f1nger in one patient and the lower pen1$ in another patient) during the planned resection of the upper pen1$."

Harry S

4 months ago

I want this to get as many views as possible...Bye Harry!

Harry S didn’t realize what an awful person he was to Reps. He always chose 1 to pick on & make fun of. For those of us that have worked for him, it’s obvious he needs psychiatric help (100% serious). It was his insecurity and I’d like to say I feel bad for him but I truly do not. It’s fitting that he is gone at 54 years old after 27 years w no true retirement. Karma has bit him in the arss. Harry when you read this I hope u under…

Apple announces three groundbreaking health studies

4 days ago

Apple today announced three unprecedented medical studies, in partnership with leading academic and research institutions, that will reach more participants than has ever been possible. The studies will be available on the new Research app,1 which democratizes how medical research is conducted by bringing together academic medical institutions

Ethicon Layoffs

4 months ago

He was a nightmare to work for and awful to reps.

Ethicon Biosurgery

5 months ago

Biosense is the only place to be within ethicon and JNJ.

Sales jobs at Ethicon are all about contracts

5 months ago

If you are thinking about joining ethicon, or even staying here, be smart and realize this job is defined by the strength of the contracts that corporate can negotiate and your income is 99% tied to those contracts. Ask a lot of questions because each region and territory are different. I learned the hard way.

Now I sit and wait for my pension to vest while looking at my pay and benefits dropping each year.