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Craig Jones Promotion

2 years ago


A. You have to be kidding

B. Good, somebody else has to deal with him

C. The JNJ way

Depuy Synthes Trauma Sales Consultant vs. Extremity Specialist

2 years ago

Is the Denver Sales Consultant position still open?

No call back from the J&J recruiter but the hiring manager said I would make it to the next round. I did hear a rumor of a hiring freeze and i am hopeful that is why I have not heard back.

Hey Bridget

3 years ago

How's your slot? You got a bush?

Depuy Warsaw

3 years ago

The home office loves this attention.

Turkey Burger

3 years ago

Bridget celebrated this American feast holiday with a large turkey burger.

Mitek RM's

3 years ago

Raise your hand if a Mitek RM has made you look like a fool in front of customers? If the RM's are this bad, the AVP's must be the lowest of the low.

Depuy Synthes Spine

3 years ago

Great group of reps here but some of the managers need a reality check.