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Depuy Attune use in Ireland

1 year ago

More like the Depuy employees in Ireland are just doing the right thing and reporting. Something you don't see here in the states.

JNJ Destroyed Synthes, and every other company they buy

1 year ago

Amazing how true this is. Gary gave the same speech when JNJ bought the company I worked for. They went in the dumper too.

AAOS marketing team on high alert

1 year ago

Your marketing team should be worrying about our Journey II XR launch. Attune is old news. You lost the trust of customers long ago.

POS Managers Club

1 year ago

lol....who is that guy?? His name is everywhere as a jackass

Attune Tibial Loosening - Round 2

1 year ago

I don't think this was intended to be an objective handling presentation but it makes you question why Depuy felt compelled to publish it on their website? Who is supposed to be the audience?

Depuy Attune objection handling presentation and the new Attune S+ technology

There's been significant rumors of loosening with Depuy's Attune Knee System over the last two years and they are only intensifying. According to a study published earlier this year, the Attune system is experiencing an “unusually high” rate

Mario Schackelman

2 years ago

Lawyers would not take this case unless both the client and their firm have the potential to make money. It is a "work for free" job unless they win.

Depuy Synthes Divesting Spine

2 years ago

Also, not sure JNJ corporate has the stomach to continue to play in the Spine space.

They don't.

Codman Neuro Neurovascular Sales Rep

2 years ago

If you are talking about a Neuro specialist then the top reps are def making 220-250k .

All the jobs come with a car.