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Depuy to acquire Wright Medical

18 hours ago

Entire extremity sales team just got the ax....Come on down, Wright Medical !!

Depuy Backorders

2 weeks ago

Zimmer Biomet has given us a great opportunity with their ongoing backorder situation but now we are in the same predicament. I hear ethicon is having backorder issues as well. Is this a JNJ/ethicon/Depuy issue and if so when will it be resolved? Or is this the new norm at Depuy?

Orthotaxy Surgical Robot

2 weeks ago

Shouldn’t it be vastly cheaper than Stryker? If so I would think that would lower the threshold for getting them placed even with Stryker already in a facility.

Pinnacle Lawsuit(s)

2 weeks ago

Any bets on how much JNJ will ultimately pay to settle these lawsuits?

Over $1 billion.

Cementless Knee

4 weeks ago

Depuy and JNJ haven't had their eye on the ball in years and I'm skeptical they can make 2019 happen for the Cementless launch. Prove me wrong but I'm not buying it.

Still on track for later this year.

Medtechy Deals: You Need this Car Jump Starter Kit

2 weeks ago

Today we are excited to announce an exclusive deal on the RavPower's 14,000mAh Car Jump Starter Kit which has all 5-star reviews and could save the day for a sales rep who needs their car to make a living.

DePuy HR

1 month ago

Synthes people absolutely hate JNJ with a passion. Any long-timer believes they ruined the company.

Depuy Synthes RM Compensation

1 month ago

RM's have the hardest and easiest job at DS. It's the hardest because you are responsible for the regional quota but don't have much ability to impact the business. It's the easiest because the smart managers do what's needed with their boss and then do a lot of hanging out. Comp should still be 165k salary with up to 100k in additional comp and bonuses.

Sales Rep Non-Compete Agreement

1 month ago

Do Associate Sales Consultants and Sales Consultants have to sign non-compete agreements at Depuy Synthes or just Sales Consultants?

Depuy Synthes Files Lawsuit Against Orthofix for Ex-Sales Reps Stealing Business

1 month ago

How dumb for Orthofix to hire Depuy reps and persuade them to break their non-compete agreements. Did they think Depuy and JNJ wouldn't take action? To literally no one's surprise, they filed a lawsuit Feb. 14 and referenced a couple of reps, Thomas Wells and Michael Sewell, who converted Southeast Alabama Medical Center from a multi-million dollar Depuy account into an Orthofix account.

"As a result of Orthofix's improper and tortious activities, DePuy Synthes is suffering immediate and irrepar…