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New Sales VP

1 month ago

If this is a thing, then be happy about it. I knew him at BSC and he will do well.

Jon Gingrich Gone

2 months ago

The writing has been on the wall for a while. Not only Gingrich but the rest of the crew too. Look back at all of the insiders dumping shares in the past year. More stock exercising than I've ever seen at one company.

Sales suck, large quotas and poor reimbursement are bad signs. Then there has always been rumors of KZ fighting with everyone because they couldn't effectively do their jobs.

AxoGen a good company for a sales rep?

2 months ago

Comp has been going down for a couple of years. There has also been significant movement in the org chart.

Here is good comp info from 2018 -

The current culture around AxoGen is back to being not high for us as reps. They just cut our commissions again this year and now we're making even less than we did last year. The average rep now is lucky to make 170 whereas I made 205 last year in a large city. SM gave us the usual line about cutting comp plans is something we all have to do for the better…