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AxoGen a good company for a sales rep?

2 months ago

Looks like Axogen is expanding the sales force again. When I read through this thread it seems reps were having to work harder and harder to make less every year than the year before. With the changes in VP of sales has morale and the health of the sales force improved? Has pay stabilized at all or is this still a volatile place to work for someone looking to make a long-term move?

New Sales VP

2 months ago

Now that Crisman has been in place for a couple of months, what do most of the reps think of him? I ask because I am interviewing and know from past experiences how important it is to have a strong VP of Sales.

Jon Gingrich Gone

6 months ago

The writing has been on the wall for a while. Not only Gingrich but the rest of the crew too. Look back at all of the insiders dumping shares in the past year. More stock exercising than I've ever seen at one company.

Sales suck, large quotas and poor reimbursement are bad signs. Then there has always been rumors of KZ fighting with everyone because they couldn't effectively do their jobs.