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True To Your Heart Amarin

2 days ago

Commercials are going to run this weekend during the NFL games. No word yet on if they will be run during the Super Bowl.

Amarin Patent Litigation for Vascepa

2 days ago

From SVB Leerink -

"The patent litigation trial remains a key make-or-break event for the stock, in our view," Fadia wrote in a note to investors Monday. "We continue to believe that on patent validity, the generics will be fighting an uphill battle to demonstrate that previously cited prior art by the patent examiner will render the patents as obvious, and on patent infringement, we believe the Judge will find intuitively persuasive Amarin's position with regard to the 12 weeks' duration claim …

Amarin 2020 NSM

3 days ago

"Our Time, Their Future" followed with a mic drop. Then he left for San Francisco.

Amarin Commercial Expansion

3 days ago

JT elaborated on this in the breakout at JPM -

On salesforce expansion: "I think there's still some question if 800 is the ideal number or not. It may be larger than that," Thero says. Adds it's possible for incremental expansion in 2020 if sales reps pay for themselves. H/T BioPharmaDive

Amarin Buyout

3 days ago

Thero even talked about not wanting to get a European partner yet, calling it pre-mature, which is interesting.

Vascepa Script Numbers

3 days ago

Most recent numbers still looked good during a holiday week (NYE). I don't have them on me to post though.

Amarin gets boost from AstraZeneca and Acasti's study failures

5 days ago

After fake news attacks, and constant attacks by short sellers, Amarin investors finally woke up to some great news on Monday morning as AstraZeneca​ and Acasti Pharma​​ both announced surprisingly disappointing study results for their fish oil products

Amarin JP Morgan Healthcare Conference

6 days ago

What's more likely to happen with Amarin at the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference?

A. Amarin's patent infringement case settles during the week of the meeting

B. Amarin gets acquired for > $20 billion

C. JT skips his presentation to hang out with the sea lions at Fisherman's Wharf

D. All of the above

Wasn't Amarin supposed to be acquired today? AMRN

3 weeks ago

Amarin Stock AMRN

3 weeks ago

I think we get to 30 before the end of 2019.

Well that target was way off. No chance AMRN gets to 30 in 2019. 2020 for sure though.

Will the FDA Approval Expanded Label for Vascepa?

1 month ago

Here is the Matinas CEO in an interview post Vascepa label expansion, saying everything that JT meant to say on CNBC but couldn't articulate properly.

Amarin Rumors

1 month ago

In the spirit of ending Friday the 13th on a weird note, I'll say here that $AMGN should buy $AMRN, but first make the lawyers take a blood oath that they'll defend the patent to the death. There's always $PFE and their checkbook, but do they want it bad enough?

Let the bidding begin....

Amarin on Mad Money Lightening Round

1 month ago

I'm sure he would disagree with your thesis, if you can call it that.

What's Jim Cramer's Net Worth and what's yours?

Amarin 2020 Catalyst Calendar

1 month ago

This is a great calendar showing all the big events for Amarin in 2020. The only thing missing is the buyout information that's a sure thing in 2020.