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Botox Whistleblower Lawsuit

2 years ago

You do realize this company lives on giving free samples in order to bribe doctors? If you get caught giving botox to get orders you'll be fired. That doesn't mean they don't want you to do it. Just don't get caught.

Allergan Breakup

2 years ago

Can Saunders call the manager in Chicago and tell him to stop dating the reps on his team?

Allergan Surgical Sales Representative

3 years ago

Is this for the Allergan Hospital Team? If so, jump on board. I haven't made a call in two months and will still pull in 170k this year.

Allergan to split in two

3 years ago

Allergan CEO May Get $100 Million for Getting Fired

4 years ago

bullshit. It is despicable and he should give a large portion of it to charity or drug research.

Is this Bernie Sanders ?