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The Zeltiq Cool Sculpting Scam

5 days ago

yes i would love to sue, i have before and after photos..i was deformed also,looked horrible .. i have since had a tummy tuck which has helped considerably.. love to sue if possible cost for coolscultping around $5000.00.

Allergan's Rapastinel Failure, the end for Brent Saunders?

2 weeks ago

Looks like Saunders is getting the last the tune of $39 million laughs....

Allergan CEO Brent Saunders’ meteoric rise through pharma’s chief exec ranks is paying off, and in a big way. If he’s let go after AbbVie’s $63 billion takeover of the California company goes through, Saunders will net a cool $38.7 million.

According to a regulatory filing, the Allergan skipper will pocket $14.9 million in cash as part of his golden parachute. That’s on top of $23.6 million in equity, t… is Allergan's Best Idea Ever

2 weeks ago

Evolus has their own kickback program called: Jeuveau Experience Treatment (J.E.T) where new medical aesthetic clinics who are new customers get three shipments for free. 5,000 accounts enrolled in the program in the first 90 days of the launch.

Crushing it.

Welcome to AbbVie

2 weeks ago

Evolus is taking over the biggest part of the business that AbbVie aquired Allergan for.

Evolus' Jeuveau marks the beginning of the end for Botox

2 weeks ago

Evolus has already crushed analyst estimates, bringing in sales of $2.3 million since its May 15 launch, beating the average analyst estimate of $450,000!! Doctors want options and patients want cheaper Botox!!

The CoolTone Scam

1 month ago

I don’t work for either company but seems to be a lot of grasping by the BTL folks on LinkedIn to try to discredit this product. If anything it just comes off as being very nervous about having a competitor. Just because it’s new and your product happens to have a few more “clinical “articles (by paid consultants who are also getting paid by the patient vs insurance for the procedure) doesn’t mean it doesn’t work or is not better than what you have.

The good news is, for anyb…

Edwards Lifesciences recalls Sapien heart valve delivery system

3 days ago

Fresh off broadening the approval for TAVR in lower risk, healthier patients, The U.S. Food & Drug Administration announced the recall of Edwards Lifesciences' SAPIEN 3 Ultra delivery system after a number of balloons burst during implantation, leading to several injuries and a death.

Allergan Layoffs

1 month ago

AbbVie HR and integration team running on overtime mode trying to sign all the pink slips. Layoffs coming soon so be prepared!!

CoolScuplting Specialist Engaged to​ Dr. Paul Nassif

3 months ago

What rock have I been living under and how did she keep this under the radar for so long? And a little shout out and props to Dr. Nassif.

Dr. Paul Nassif is ready to take the plunge down the aisle again, this time he’s engaged to a 27-year-old CoolSculpting specialist.

The “Botched” star proposed to Brittany Pattakos over the weekend and posted the news on Monday, sharing the video of his proposal which took place on a boat in Newport Beach, CA.

“This weekend I found out I get to spend th…

The Growing List of Cool Sculpting Indications

4 months ago

Ian Poulter had his CoolSculpting hat on today at The Masters and it had similar results as the actual procedure.

Health Canada Suspending Biocell Breast Implant

5 months ago

Health Canada is suspending the license to sell Biocell implants because of an increase of ALCL cases with breast implants. They said there have been 28 confirmed cases of ALCL and 86% involved the Biocell implant.

The entire business is falling apart. I can't see how Saunders survives this.

truSculpt iD vs CoolSculpting

5 months ago

Allergan is so nervous about sales they are trying to give systems away.

Botox Therapeutic will protect Allergan from Jeuveau

5 months ago

Competition from Jeuveau is real but Evolus has nothing on one of the biggest growth drivers for Allergan and Botox. Botox Therapeutic with use in bladder dysfunction, focal spasticity and migraine is a big market that isn't as sexy but it's protected. Growth will come because of Therapeutic, not cosmetic. If I'm wrong, blame Saunders.


5 months ago

You don't know what you are talking about. The amount of men going in for Botox would **** your mind.

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Envy Medical

5 months ago

Envy Medical was just acquired in aesthetics...anyone familiar with them and if they will make an impact or another me-too?

Their products do something called Dermalinfusion.