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What have you done?

4 weeks ago

Niamh somehow just got hired at Nevro as their CCO.

$1.1 Billion by 2020

1 month ago

I guess they weren’t very successful then

Acclarent Layoffs

2 months ago

So true...ENTs aren't doing cases, they're going to the pool and playing tennis instead. Get ready for a great summer.

Conference Call Today

4 months ago

The last one is the best - All orders monitored with no loading!

What, did that directive last a day??

Field Ride Tuesday

4 months ago

RM field rides are bad enough. Wait until you have to ride with the VP!

Acclarent Stratus DOJ Investigation Update

4 months ago

It can't be an open and shut case if it's technically still going on and they weren't convicted. Heck one of them is still a CEO of a medical device company.

Lee Horn Dog Langford

6 months ago

Lee will hit on anything with at least one leg

Olympus going to acquire Acclarent

6 months ago

I would bet more money that Olympus buys the Chinese knockoff rather than Acclarent. Much more upside.

Read It Here!

6 months ago

Only way to survive these days.