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What are your thoughts on Jeff getting promoted to CEO of Acclarent?

8 hours ago

I'm with you on this. If JNJ cared enough about Acclarent they would have gone out and hired a professional CEO who could turn the company around. More resources are needed in R&D so we can get some better products. The ones we have are stale. Entellus is running laps around us. If JNJ cared it wouldn't be this way.


8 hours ago

More layoffs confirmed before NSM.

MedReps' 2019 Best Places to Work in Medical Sales

2 weeks ago

MedReps announced their annual Best Places to Work in Medical Sales for 2019 and some familiar names sit on top of the list. The overall winners went to: Conmed, Teleflex and Medtronic.

Acclarent Reps - Please learn how to acutally sell.

7 days ago

Listen buddy, I think you’re offering cases for $700 considering both of us are fighting the Chinese knock-off balloons.


2 months ago

Here we go again. Greg and Terra runn No up bar bills in Atlanta the leaving the bill for someone else to pay

Game Over

2 months ago

What markets are selling the Chinese balloon?

Georgia ENT Practice to Pay $1.2 Million to Resolve False Claims Act Allegations

2 weeks ago

We were alerted to a False Claims Act allegation after the story was posted on our forums earlier this week. According to the FDA press release, the government alleges that Northwest ENT in Georgia violated the False Claims Act, 31 U.S.C. § 3729, et seq., by causing the submission of false claims to Medicare,

Olympus going to acquire Acclarent

3 months ago

The Chinese Balloon is ruining this market. How can they price it at $300.00?


5 months ago

Is Albritton done using Acclarent devices and only using Entellus?

I haven't heard about this case in some time and am wondering if it really did get thrown out.


7 months ago

Will this track cyclops and your ethmoid punch?

$1.1 Billion by 2020

8 months ago

in any case, what a ridiculous prediction.

FDA to modernize 510(k) medical device approval process

2 weeks ago

FDA Commissioner, Scott Gottlieb, M.D., announced Monday that the FDA is going to overhaul the 510(K) approval process for medical devices. The current process, approved in 1976, allowed medical device manufacturers

Acclarent Area Director

9 months ago

The old hole in the pocket gag and now the prostrate guy. Very weird. I wonder if Laura works there at NxThera now? Check the other pocket to see

Who was that guy with the huuuge head?

9 months ago

I noticed Terra"s Head was starting to look just like his and she sucks up a bar tab just as bad