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Acclarent Whistleblower

19 hours ago

As if the whistleblower didn't get enough money, she's still asking for more because of wrongful termination.

Johnson & Johnson unit Acclarent Inc says that a former sales representative cannot prove she was fired because she complained to her bosses about the company’s promotion of a medical device for unapproved uses, rather than her poor performance.

Acclarent, which J&J acquired in 2009, in a motion filed on Tuesday urged a federal judge in Boston to dismiss Melayna Lokosky’s retaliation …

What's Next for TransEnterix after Senhance's FDA Clearance

1 year ago

In typical FDA fashion, TransEnterix received their FDA clearance letter late Friday afternoon for their Senhance surgical robot which was very welcomed by investors as the stock jumped 63% in after-hours trading. Senhance is the first new entrant into

Game Over

2 weeks ago

East Coast. My prediction is this knock-off grows until the Intersect balloon hits the market in a couple of years. They will be able to eventually bill more for it because of the drug coating. Docs and hospitals will be intrigued by it and flock to it. Another missed opportunity by the rest of the bunch.

Olympus going to acquire Acclarent

2 weeks ago

I would bet more money that Olympus buys the Chinese knockoff rather than Acclarent. Much more upside.

Trudi 3D -what are your thoughts on this product

2 weeks ago

Am I missing something? You're not being held hostage so go find another job and let someone more appreciative have yours.

Stryker Sues Biomet for Stealing Reps and Corporate Secrets

2 years ago

Stryker (Howmedica Osteonics Corp) takes their non-compete agreements seriously, and on Wednesday, they sued three Biomet affiliates in Texas, claiming they poached Stryker employees involved in the Foot and Ankle business.

Read It Here!

3 weeks ago

Only way to survive these days.


1 month ago

He’s long gone at NeoTract.

Boost sales with a simple 7 step pre-call plan

2 years ago

Pre-call plans are one of the most effective tools a sales rep can use in preparing for a sales call. However, in our experience, sales reps bypass using them unless they happen to be on a field ride with their manager.


3 months ago

Here we go again. Greg and Terra runn No up bar bills in Atlanta the leaving the bill for someone else to pay


6 months ago

Is Albritton done using Acclarent devices and only using Entellus?

I haven't heard about this case in some time and am wondering if it really did get thrown out.


9 months ago

Will this track cyclops and your ethmoid punch?

4 Tips for Managing a New Medical Sales Territory

2 years ago

A number of sales reps think sales success happens because you can schmooze and are a likable person. There is no doubt those factors can lead to one-off successes, but long-term success in sales in due to strategy and planning.

$1.1 Billion by 2020

10 months ago

in any case, what a ridiculous prediction.