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Skyrizi launch

3 weeks ago

Is Skyrizi still on track for a late May launch?

Abbott Labs HR Compliance Files

2 months ago

I'm not sure the point of this person posting these stories? They aren't files as they state, just stories about all the bad things companies do to unethically induce sales.

Medtechy Deals: You Need this Car Jump Starter Kit

2 weeks ago

Today we are excited to announce an exclusive deal on the RavPower's 14,000mAh Car Jump Starter Kit which has all 5-star reviews and could save the day for a sales rep who needs their car to make a living.

Abbvie Pipeline

2 months ago

Everyone keeps talking about "when we lose Humira" yada yada yet it still keeps trucking along. For once give the management team and the company lawyers some credit for the job they've done.

Retirement Nightmare

2 months ago

Were you able to get this figured out? I'm sorry you had to deal with this. Yes, you would think they would have the process air tight since they offered you a package and we know they do this all the time. It makes me wonder how many other people are dealing with the same thing!

AbbVie CEO pads $16M paycheck with $500K in jet travel

2 months ago

Well, they enabled him even more in 2018 - and even more in 2019. Word came out that ol' boy got an even bigger payday than in 2015.

In a pay package that will rank among the largest in biopharma, Gonzalez pocketed $21.27 million in 2018. Nearly 20% of that, or $3.9 million, came from a performance-based cash incentive award. That $3.9 million was smaller than the $4.33 million Gonzalez snared for 2017, but it's still 58% more than his target award, which in itself is 1.5 times his base salary.

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Layoffs are coming

3 months ago

Good luck everyone. Hold onto your seats....2019 about to be a rough ride.