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Abbott IT Layoffs - Wipro

1 week ago

While most of IT has already been outsourced, there is still more coming with the biggest changes in how severance is handled. It's to the point where you are barely human to Abbott. Severance packages are almost non-existent with two week notices becoming standard. The big severance paydays are a thing of the past.

Wireless SCS Please!

1 month ago

Miles, if you are committed to SCS then get us a wireless device ASAP!

Stanford Medicine Presents Results of Apple Heart Study

1 day ago

Apple recently announced the results of the Apple Heart Study, which was led by physicians at Stanford Medicine. The study enrolled over 400,000 participants in an effort to evaluate Apple Watch's irregular rhythm notification.

Abbott NANS 2019

2 months ago

For any of the reps and home office people at NANS, what was the reception/traffic like at the booth and corresponding presentations? BurstDR a hit?


4 months ago

Absolutely nothing. Miles is happy with the business and its management.


5 months ago

I only care about the U.S.

What is Mark Zuckerberg's number one hiring rule?

2 days ago

Building a culture at a startup, large organization or even a small sales team needs to be handled with care and thoughtfulness. Hiring one bad apple could impact how your company performs and gains traction in the market.

Abbott HeartMate 3 Recall

10 months ago

When are they projecting HeartMate gets back on the market?

Abbott FreeStyle Libre

11 months ago

Nevro Appoints New CEO After Rami Elghandour Steps Down

3 days ago

With their stock down over 94% in the last year, Nevro finally pulled the trigger and made a change at the top with Rami Elghandour stepping down and being replaced with D. Keith Grossman who will be appointed as Nevro's CEO and a member of the Board of Directors.

More than just a Paper Route?

11 months ago

Are you referring to a diabetes sales job with a Abbott as a paper route?