Intuitive Surgical Sales Rep Compensation

1 week ago in Intuitive Surgical

Could someone breakdown the current compensation plan(s) for the full-line sales rep and associate rep at Intuitive? I have an opportunity as a full rep but I would have to move and I am not sure it makes sense financially. Depending on what an associate rep actually makes, I can possibly make it work until I get the chance to be promoted to a full rep.

Any experience and thoughts on my situation and compensation clarifications would be appreciated.

J&J Layoffs

1 week ago in Johnson & Johnson

I understand the code name for the next round of layoffs is: baby powder.

JNJ Pays 29 Million in Baby Powder Case

1 week ago in Johnson & Johnson

There are already so many TV ads by ambulance chasers for anyone diagnosed with cancer who has previously used talcum powder. It's ridiculous.

Chris Sells Mazor

1 week ago in Mazor Robotics

The SEC also leveled fraud charges against a pair of former Hansen sales executives, Christopher Sells and Timothy Murawski, accusing them of a scheme to artificially inflate company revenues.

The lawsuit (PDF), filed in the U.S. District Court for Northern California, alleges that Sells, Hansen’s former vice president of commercial operations, and sales VP Murawski, Sells’ one-time deputy, "schemed to have Hansen Medical personnel temporarily install the company’s robotic catheter system a…

Abbott IT Layoffs - Wipro

1 week ago in Abbott

While most of IT has already been outsourced, there is still more coming with the biggest changes in how severance is handled. It's to the point where you are barely human to Abbott. Severance packages are almost non-existent with two week notices becoming standard. The big severance paydays are a thing of the past.

Would you pay for an Apple Healthcare subscription?

1 week ago in Apple

Recently, Apple analyst, Gene Munster, suggested that Apple create a healthcare subscription service that gives physicians access to a patient's healthcare data from their Apple Watch and AirPods. What do you all think?


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