Can TransEnterix dethrone Intuitive Surgical in the robotic surgery race?

2 weeks ago in Intuitive Surgical

TransEnterix just announced a pathetic sales quarter, only selling 1 Senhance robot. To the OP, how can TransEnterix "Dethrone" us if they can't even selling a robot? They'll be closing their doors by December!

Senhance Sales 2018 and 2019

2 weeks ago in TransEnterix

And now only 48M left in the bank, which is just enough capital to get them through 2020....

DJO Giving Away Distributorships

2 weeks ago in DJ Orthopedics

First they pay docs to use their hips and knees and now they are trying to convince reps to join on as distributors. I would love to know the terms and see if I can live the dream too!

Depuy Backorders

2 weeks ago in Depuy Synthes

Zimmer Biomet has given us a great opportunity with their ongoing backorder situation but now we are in the same predicament. I hear ethicon is having backorder issues as well. Is this a JNJ/ethicon/Depuy issue and if so when will it be resolved? Or is this the new norm at Depuy?

Nevro Layoffs

2 weeks ago in Nevro

You reap what you sow. Rami’s legacy is just beginning to unfold...


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