The turnaround is real

1 week ago in Avinger

How can you turn the company around if no one is using Pantheris? It's cool and all but revenue counts.

hugo robotic surgery system

1 week ago in Medtronic

No sign of Hugo at ORSI this week for the 2nd annual RAWS Congress. Just a near empty MDT booth with mesh and hiking banners. If this platform is so important to Omar and Bob White why not provide a status update? Where’s the flashy power point of the columns with software centered arms, 8 mm lap instruments, open console, Storz vision and integrate surgical chair? Come on MDT give your lap surgeons some hope.....


1 week ago in Insys Therapeutics

Bankruptcy is coming, and so are layoffs. Get that resume ready boys and girls.

New Jersey Relaxes Physician Payment Rules

1 week ago in Pharma/Biotech General Discussion

According to STAT, New Jersey is being one of the more reasonable states in how they will restrict gifts and payments made to physicians by drug companies.

Last year the rule went into effect by placing a $10,000 annual cap on what physicians can earn from drugmakers. There was also a $15 cap on “modest meals” for educational events which is ridiculous.

The revision would keep the 10k cap but increase dinners to $30 from $15. The extra $15 is better but still kind of low. Most physicians are…

U.S. (Trump) Tariffs on Chinese Imports

1 week ago in Politics of Healthcare General Discussion

Trumps tariffs on $300 billion worth of Chinese imports will fortunately not include pharmaceuticals and select medical products, according to Reuters.

I would hate for my quota to be affected by The Donald.

Good investors?

1 week ago in NEA

NEA has a lot of influence with its companies, but it matters which partner you get. Justin Klein also left recently. Big loss for them.

Kaiser Permanente Layoffs

1 week ago in Kaiser Permanente Message Board

Kaiser is rolling in the dough, reporting nearly $3.2 billion in the first quarter of 2019 compared to about $1.2 billion in the prior-year period. Insurance rolls increased as well. Tell me again why there needs to be restructuring and layoffs at Kaiser?

Sanofi Layoffs

1 week ago in Sanofi

VEEP has come and many ITS folks are taking this option.

AxoGen a good company for a sales rep?

1 week ago in AxoGen

What is the latest with Axogen? Are they surviving - or thriving? I heard rumors of a breast repair/salvage product?

Have they figured out a legit way to come up with an honest/fair quota yet?

Connecticut Hospital Reduces Emergency Wait Time, Adverse Events Using AHRQ Tools

1 week ago in General Healthcare Discussion

The case study selected discusses the impact Door-to-Doc had on the reduction of emergency wait times in Bridgeport hospital, located in Bridgeport Connecticut. Before this model was implemented, it took as long as 6 to 8 hours to get a patient through the process. With Door-to-Doc, the hospital reduced the emergency department wait time to 21 min. This was accomplished by using a streamlined process, where they categorized patients into subgroups of sick or sicker. The goal was to move the less…


2 weeks ago in Medtronic

if you don’t have that until 2021 your market share will be tanked. and you won’t have the potential for changeouts on the axonics product for ten years. if axonics makes an adapter for interstim, leads you might not even have that many of your own changeouts lef


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