Humana expanding agreement with SurgCenter Development

5 days ago in Humana

Humana is expanding member access after expanding an agreement with SurgCenter Development. The agreement expands access for Humana members getting to total knee, hip and shoulder replacements in an ASC setting. SurgCenter Development has 114 multispecialty, orthopedic-driven ASCs, with 16 additional facilities under development.

"We're excited to take this step and significantly expand and enhance Humana members' access to total joint replacement outside the hospital, in a surgery center settin…

The $1 Million Man

5 days ago in Bristol Hospital

According to, Bristol Hospital CEO Kurt Barwis and several hospital board members discussed his and other executive compensation due to a state tax revenue proposal,

In 2017, Barwis earned more than $750,000 in salary and benefits, while the health system made $174 million in revenue. Mr. Barwis told the publication that while he knows his salary as CEO of a nonprofit hospital is public knowledge, he takes issue with how the figure may be perceived by others.

"People look at …

Abbott Vascular Clonmel

5 days ago in Abbott Vascular

The Clonmel site is widely acknowledged to be a haven for bullying. It's acknowledged and apparently accepted. Very high turn over of staff thanks to the "old boys" management club.

Humira Top Selling Medication in 2018

5 days ago in AbbVie

The micromanaging of the sales force is going to come back to bite AbbVie and Humira in the ***. Competitors are circling their wagons and taking advantage of the unhappy reps.

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Is TAVR surgery safe and what company has the best product?

5 days ago in Medtronic

A new TAVR study proved as good or better than open heart surgery in younger, more active patients for whom the surgical option was deemed low risk. The trial results are being presented today. Despite the outcome the OP shared, now more TAVR cases could be considered in low-risk patients. Great for Medtronic and Edwards but bad for patients in the hands of surgeons with less than stellar hands.

Should Hospital Systems Allow Physicians to Prescribe Medical Marijuana?

6 days ago in General Healthcare Discussion

Original question: Should Hospital Systems Allow Physicians to Prescribe Medical Marijuana?

-If the state where the hospital resides has approved the use of medical marijuana, then yes, hospitals should be required to allow their physicians the ability to prescribe medical marijuana for their patients.

Medtronic Robotic Program Still Committed to FY '20 Launch

6 days ago in Medtronic

FY 20 maybe but not in the US. I wish these analysts wouldn’t be afraid to push the Medtronic execs. The US is the only market that matters when building traction. I’m not trying to be elitist. Go to any physician society conference and all the docs from around the world are looking to see the new technology and what’s being used here.

Alex Gorsky only made $20 million last year

6 days ago in Johnson & Johnson

Between the lawsuit payouts and drop in executive compensation, there is a lot of money for JNJ to makeup. It’s the natural recipe for another round of layoffs!

Patient needs help with NuVasive devices

7 days ago in NuVasive

I'm not sure who was making the posts asking the questions that was not my doctor, and not a lawyer, but I am the patient that bled out. What in god's name does it take to find out what the Nuvasive rep delivered to be put in my spine? The devices listed are supposed to be metal according to NIH site. My hospitalization was complication after complication - nearly a month of nightmarish ****.

The cages don't show up on xray. I need to know what is in my spine, please someone help.

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Intersect Get Acquired or Make Acquisitions?

1 week ago in Intersect ENT

3 years ago I couldn’t take it, hit my absolute limit... About a year and a half ago I quit and it’s been the best thing I’ve done for myself in a long time!

I won’t get into the ugly, but it’s surprising things have gone this well


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