Bariatric Thoracic Sales Rep

1 week ago in Ethicon

What's the L.A. manager and territory like? Good market share and contracts?

Another thread here talking about ethicon said to stay away but this is a different division and honestly a much better job than where I'm coming from.

For this reason I need to take it. Market conditions and manager are what i am most interested in learning about.

How Many Senhance Systems Will TransEnterix Sell in Q4 and Q1 2019?

2 weeks ago in TransEnterix

best showing yet! Just getting our wheels underneath the company. So many first for this young company, augmented intelligence, 3 mill, open archectecture platform, digital laparoscopic, reusable instruments etc. this company is just getting started!!

Flextouch Sales Success

2 weeks ago in Tactile Medical

Flextouch is no doubt a great product but the success of the product has more to do with the differentiated distribution model the team implemented. The direct sales team vs DME's is key.

Medtronic RTG - Restorative Therapies Group

2 weeks ago in Medtronic

I found this about layoffs in RTG. Outside of Spine, the rest of RTG is doing great. Omar is pushing the Mazor story to cover up the rest of Spine's lackluster business. I've also heard Mazor's corporate employees are on the clock.

Molina Healthcare battling with Molina Family

2 weeks ago in Molina Healthcare

Does this have anything to do with the appeals and grievances related in Long Beach?

Six figure fines of 217K and 13 incidents.

Game Over

2 weeks ago in Acclarent

East Coast. My prediction is this knock-off grows until the Intersect balloon hits the market in a couple of years. They will be able to eventually bill more for it because of the drug coating. Docs and hospitals will be intrigued by it and flock to it. Another missed opportunity by the rest of the bunch.

Olympus going to acquire Acclarent

2 weeks ago in Acclarent

I would bet more money that Olympus buys the Chinese knockoff rather than Acclarent. Much more upside.

Market Access is the Problem

2 weeks ago in Inspire Medical Systems

Tim and the team are doing a great job. Increased coverage has taken more time than many would like but things are improving. Now the sales team needs to execute!

“This positive assessment demonstrates the strength of the clinical evidence for Inspire therapy and is an important step forward in securing coverage from health insurance providers in the BCBS affiliate network,” Inspire Medical Systems CEO Tim Herbert said in a news release.

“This positive Evidence Street assessment for Inspire…


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