The Olympus Medical Reorganization

7 days ago in Olympus

Japan finally woke up and decided to make the business profitable and now the employees will have to pay for the DOJ fines and the years of executive legal bills. If money is tight and the goal is profitability, then how does Japan plan on fixing the abusive and underpaid culture of the past?

Depuy Synthes Jabil

7 days ago in Depuy Synthes

JNJ has made it clear the Synthes acquisition was a mistake. How else can you explain why they divested most of Synthes to Jabil after the FDA warning letter was lifted?

Boston Scientific and Edwards Settle Heart Valve Patent Dispute

7 days ago in Boston Scientific

No wonder Edwards stock is up 8%...they only ended up paying out $180 million to settle the patent dispute over heart valves. There's no more coming either. All pending cases and appeals will be dismissed.

"All pending cases or appeals in courts and patent offices between the two companies will be dismissed, and the parties will not litigate patent disputes related to current portfolios of transcatheter aortic valves, certain mitral valve repair devices, and left atrial appendage closure devices…

New Dental President

1 week ago in Patterson Dental Supply

Walchirk sounds excited but that's because he can control the guy. Anyone know Eric Shirley, the new President?

“After completing a thorough search, Eric was the clear choice to lead Patterson Dental into the future,” said Mark Walchirk, President and CEO of Patterson Companies. “His track record in the dental industry, combined with his leadership experience and ability to drive performance, made him an ideal candidate for this critical role at Patterson.”

What can change if the Walchirk …

Patterson CEO pay is too much

1 week ago in Patterson Dental Supply

I noticed Walchirk just brought in a YES man to run the Dental business unit. Any opinions and/or anyone know the guy?


1 week ago in Smith & Nephew

Can a Smith & Nephew sales rep share whether the company is still using the Syncera repless sales model? It has not been mentioned in all of the recent quarterly calls. I wonder if it has been shelved.

Johnson & Johnson Credo, huh?

1 week ago in Johnson & Johnson

Guess who's the worst offender for this issue (buying doctors and making them JnJ's mouthpiece)? ...... It's no other than Biosense Webster..... that company is just full of liars and opaque people (maybe it's too much sunshine out here)..... and this is coming from someone that works in this office.

Hiring, Firing or Layoffs?

1 week ago in ConMed

There have already been some performance related reductions in sales in the last 45 days with a larger sales related RIF coming throughout Q1 of 2019.

Most chill job in med sales you have had?

1 week ago in Medical Device Sales

Naturally many of us are in this for the money but lets say you really didn’t need the highest potential earnings but you still want to maintain some level of 6 digit income.

What has been the most chill job you have had in medical sales when you think about the “income/life balance/stress/job security” ratios?


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