Scott Gottlieb says anti-vaxxers creating national health crisis

4 days ago in General Healthcare Discussion

Thankfully many of the doctors in my area are starting to refuse to see kids who have not received their vaccines. It's taken a while but I think many in the medical community are starting to fight back.

Acadia Buyout Rumors

4 days ago in Acadia Pharmaceuticals Message Board

Buyout rumors every other day...will it be AbbVie or someone else?

The stock is cheap, great cash position, investors love us, R&D pipeline stout....2019 is going to be a party.

Oh wait...about the DOJ investigation. Hold my beer, I'll get back to you.

Morgan over her head

4 days ago in Acadia Pharmaceuticals Message Board

Anyone else thinks she gets all of her ideas from old school sales books because nothing is original?

Sad to say but over her head.

Intuitive Surgical Approved for Transoral procedures

4 days ago in Medrobotics

I think they call this death by a thousand cuts. How soon before Intuitive has approval for every single indication that Flex has? And once they get to that point, how long will Medrobotics be able to survive before they run out of cash?

New Medical City Heart & Spine Hospital

4 days ago in Medical City

Yes but I don’t think Spine is going to be done there. The billboard outside the hospital only says Heart and that it will be open in the fall.

Corindus understands how to sell capital equipment

4 days ago in Corindus Vascular Robotics

Maybe TransEnterix should take note -

Aurora St. Luke's Medical Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for instance, a very busy Top 20 research facility in the U.S., widely considered a thought leader and a premier provider of cardiac services, purchased a CorPath GRX system in less than 10 weeks.

Corindus Sale to HCA Hospital in Texas

4 days ago in Corindus Vascular Robotics

On the most recent earnings call, Toland mentioned that Corindus installed their first CorPath GRX in the HCA hospital system at facility in Texas. Getting into HCA is a big deal as now the CorPath GRX will be approved through the HCA system, opening the door for other HCA hospitals to purchase one. For most companies, this is the hardest part in getting traction as HCA is notoriously slow and a pain in the *** to work with initially. However, once you're in, you're in.

Does anyone happen to kno…

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Humana Medicare Advantage gets access to value-based orthopedic program

4 days ago in Humana

Humana's value based orthopedic care program is expanding, now offering bundled payments for spinal fusion surgery for their Humana Medicare Advantage members.

This is good for members and for surgeons who will get additional payments for Spinal Fusion based on patient outcomes and care across the episode of care. The measurement is based on readmissions, cervical complications and lumbar complications. Humana is also expanding their total joint replacement bundle by entering into agreements with…

Ascension Health acquires Bay Medical

4 days ago in Bay Medical Center

Talking head....

“The caregivers and physicians of Sacred Heart are excited to continue working with our colleagues at Bay Medical with a more significant presence,” said Tom VanOsdol, the president and CEO of Ascension Florida. “We look forward to applying the full expertise, resources and clinical excellence of Ascension to benefit the Panama City and Bay County individuals and families we are privileged to serve.”

Humira Reps Getting Poached by Everyone

5 days ago in AbbVie

The micromanaging started after the ties to Scientology were established. Please be careful and don’t fall into the trap. If you start liking Tom Cruise more than usual then you may have been infected. I would accept any offer to leave before Scientology takes over your mind and body.


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