Olympus acquiring Acclarent?

5 days ago in Olympus

I'm not in the ENT division at Olympus but I can't see an acquisition like this happening since the company is going through a restructuring right now. ENT is at the bottom of the totem pole here too.

Magic Stick

5 days ago in Olympus

MAGIC STICK to save the day...game changer or something to mask the stench coming from the rest of the business?

IC - Lotus Valve?

5 days ago in Boston Scientific

From the looks of it there aren’t many openings on the job board with no sign of hiring picking up. Probably points to an underlying problem within new product launches.

Molina Layoffs - Just the start

6 days ago in Molina Healthcare

Molina is having layoffs today at locations throughout the country. This could have something to do with the outsourcing plans for 2019. Got this --

Molina Outsourcing Plans for 2019

Project Green Wave 1 IT QA

Outsourcing - IT QA Testing - 17 of the 18 employees accepted employment offers with Infinite and were rebadged on Monday (12/17/18).

Project Green Wave 2, 3 IT Restructure

Outsourcing - There are two (2) IT Towers impacted by wave 2 - Tower one (1)/Infrastructure Ops (i.e., Network, Servers --…


6 days ago in Johnson & Johnson

EMBOTRAP is a great product. That good enough info for you?

Clinical Specialist

6 days ago in Cardiovascular Systems CSI

There are approximately 200 direct sales reps and 85 clinical specialists. Do the math...your time will be highly sought after.

Cardiovascular Systems Layoffs

6 days ago in Cardiovascular Systems CSI

maybe corporate. sales is doing really well unless you don't hit your numbers. That's no different than other device jobs.

Is PrepMD or ATI Worth it?

6 days ago in General Medical Sales

Is there someone who has recently done research on these two programs and chose one over the other? I’m in the process now and would like to know why you chose the program you did. Thanks.

Medtronic CEO Compensation

6 days ago in Medtronic

Omar's JP Morgan presentation last week was embarrassing. In fact so embarrassing that his presentation caused the stock to tank. A CEO should be more polished and not have everyone fearing that he's going to **** up the stock because he can't communicate. Look how much money he makes.

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Free Powder

6 days ago in ACell

You're doing a lot to dispel the narrative of ACell having a terrible culture with pompous upper management not giving a flying f about anyone on the sales team.


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