POC Division

1 week ago in Abbott

For anyone wondering, you will be quoted as being able to make 150k with a car and pension in this division but you will end up being a paper pusher with more paperwork than you know what to do with.

Biotronik is toxic

1 week ago in Biotronik

Maybe this is the reason Biotronik has a very difficult time finding good (or even mediocre) talent working for them. Instead of experienced people wanting to come over to work here, they end up having to find lesser talent and train them. The problem there is those people end up leaving here within a couple of years for a competitor. It's a vicious cycle and loyalty (or lack of) could be a big reason why stuff like this will continue.

Ethicon Endo-Surgery Downfall

1 week ago in Ethicon

Backorders, stop shipments and now Class I recalls for the Endoscopic Straight and Curved Intraluminal Stapler in like every size....

It's so bad that Applied Medical is stealing cases from us!!

Where'd the signs and logos go?

1 week ago in Purdue

Even if you remove the logo, it's kind of hard to hide considering 44 states have filed lawsuits against the company.


1 week ago in Pfizer

Credit Suisse named Pfizer a "top pick" after senior Pfizer execs shared exciting details about new products during a meeting with analysts. The news has been positive too. So why the need for any layoffs with all of the great news and prospects?

Abbott Vascular Clonmel

1 week ago in Abbott Vascular

I would not say there's age discrimination. They are pretty inclusive of all ranges and do a good job of looking. for experienced, successful contributors. VP of Commercial Operations (NP) is about the only exception to that, everyone else I think is pretty qualified to do the jobs they were hired or promoted into to do

What happened to the culture?

1 week ago in Novocure Message Board

The culture depends on where you work. The West VP is a control freak but the leaders in the East are all good and care for their reps.


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