New CEO Fred Parks

3 days ago in Nuvectra

Hopefully he can pull it off. The scs device has been on the market (including Europe) where the second version should be well on its way to submission.

Still nothing on Virtis? what gives there

Attune Poly Issue

3 days ago in Depuy Synthes

Any truth to this?

Turns out we have some new lawyer bait.

The London Implant Retrieval Center (mostly funded by DePuy) has now revealed that the backside of Attune AOX poly is showing way more damage than PFC Sigma poly in retrieved inserts.

Don't know whether its bad poly or a bad locking mechanism, but its nice to give FDA MAUDE something new to fill the annals now we fixed the tray.

Abbott's Videos are still better

3 days ago in Abbott Vascular

Posted on Twitter by MedTechy: "The Insys Therapeutics rap video is a stain on the pharmaceutical and medical sales profession"


Starting to look

3 days ago in BD

After three months, I'm starting to think I was sold a bill of goods sticking around the see how Bard and BD would work out. I'm currently on the Vascular Access side of the business and so far my comp is down and I see no way it can get back to what I was told. Management is all down our throat and the work/life balance is different than before BD/Bard. I know a lot of reps looking for the reasons above. I'm not impressed so far.

Bard Employees Watch Out

3 days ago in BD

So this is why management is breathing down our throats.

Vyaire Layoffs

3 days ago in Vyaire Medical

I wish they would get rid of the Covidiots before anyone else is let go.

Corindus Vascular Robotics Acquisition, Maybe Boston Scientific

3 days ago in Corindus Vascular Robotics

Perhaps but in 2015, they had 34 systems installed (according to the their reports). In 2018, they are up to 52 units installed. That is 18 units over 3 years or approximately 1.25/quarter. They aren't flying off the shelves at that rate.

Biotronik is toxic

4 days ago in Biotronik

The industry is broken and Biotronik is spinning in circles trying to figure out where their tail is at. Old VP’s collecting a check bringing no value, commission and bonus cuts, what’s the strategy and why should we give effort when the company can’t figure out what to do?

Medtronic lay-off

4 days ago in Medtronic

Sales or internal? Was this part of a larger layoff inside CVG?

John Milligan gets $26M for poor performance

4 days ago in Gilead Sciences

Gilead had an awful 2018 but that didn't stop the company from rewarding John Milligan with a $26 million pay package on the way out the door. Under his leadership last year, Hep C sales dropped by $3 billion getting beat by Abbvie of all Hep C franchises.

The Kite deal has been a cluster from the start with a $820 million write-down, KITE-585 getting canned, Yescarta has been again did Milligan get so much money last year?


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