Stealth Station Recalls

4 days ago in Medtronic

The field has known this for a while but there was another one as well more recently.

Medtronic is recalling the Synergy Cranial Software and StealthStation S7 Cranial Software used with the StealthStation Surgical Navigation System due to reports of incorrect information displaying during biopsy procedures that could result in serious or life-threatening patient harm.

During a biopsy procedure, the software monitor may show that the tip of the surgical tool has not yet reached the planned target…

MD&D Travel Restriction

4 days ago in Johnson & Johnson

I'm on the MD&D side and this is par for the course come Q3, but never have I seen it take place this early in the year. It's happening where I'm at too. Even the marketing team is being asked to limit their's like we're already surrendering to another year of negative sales numbers!

ACell 2019 and beyond?

4 days ago in ACell

Thank you for the substantive response. Can you share the general strategy of the new leadership? Any pivots? New sales direction? etc.?

iSpies Attendance

4 days ago in Novadaq

You are correct that Stryker has done the right thing by keeping it going and bringing value. I really hope they don't move the location because it is a major reason the attendance is what it is.

Amgen Company Car Options

5 days ago in Amgen

I was told city based territories are moving to those Lime electric scooters you see all over the streets.

hugo robotic surgery system

5 days ago in Medtronic

I will say, this robotics platform has one of the larger R&D divisions within Medtronic behind it. I only wish the launch was in the US first and not OUS. The concern is if there are any significant challenges, we may not see it in the states until '22....

CVG Falling Apart?

5 days ago in Medtronic

With Resolute Onyx being the saving grace of the entire division.


5 days ago in Entellus Medical

Most of the players prior to the acquisition have left. And any bright rep is leaving as well. 175k for this job is a joke. The good days paid way more than that.

Stryker Rep Shot by Surgeon

5 days ago in Stryker

This is nuts. I hadn't heard this happened. Wonder what division the rep was in?

There's no way this doc is out and practicing, right?


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