Henry Schein Dental Layoffs

4 days ago in Henry Schein Dental

Q1 sales dipped 0.1 percent so layoffs are most likely, starting in the sales and with distributors.

CoreLink Surgical

4 days ago in Medical Device General Discussion

Has anyone seen CoreLink's Lateral Access System in a case?

Medical device company CoreLink Surgical launched its Lateral Access System and two implant systems — the F3D and CL5 Lateral interbody fusion devices — designed for lateral fusions, reports Business Wire.

Four things to know:

1. The F3D Lateral implant uses CoreLink uses 3D printing and finishing methods to develop the Mimetic Metal technology, which has a trabecula structure with interconnected 500-micron pores.

2. The implant is fus…

More Pain Cream Fraud

4 days ago in Medicare/Medicaid Fraud

How many other doctors accepted payments from compounding pharmacies in exchange for writing prescriptions? I also like how this guy was brought on as a medical director to make it seem more legit.

Four things to know:

1. Dr. Claflin was one of several healthcare providers targeted in an investigation that sought to determine whether the providers accepted payment from OK Compounding to prescribe a pain cream.

2. According to the OIG, Dr. Claflin began prescribing pain cream to patients in 2013 an…

Flowonix vs Medtronic

4 days ago in Medtronic

i had a near fatal incident in February with the Medtronic pain pump. It happened again 2 weeks later. Both times I had to he resuscitated and placed on life support. Flowonix has at least 6-9 more features in place in regards to when pump malfunctions occur. The Medtronic did not..just dumped fatal amounts of meds in my system. In addition, there are reports that the Medtronic pumps, not just pain pump, but all their products are not safe. They can be manipulated. SO GLAD MY DOCTOR REALIZED THI…

​Options for Reducing the Deficit

4 days ago in General Healthcare Discussion

Options for Reducing the Deficit

The Congressional Budget Office presented several options for reducing the deficit from 2017 to 2026. Presented in Chapter 5, Option 12 includes consolidating and reducing federal payments for graduate medical education at teaching hospitals. According to the Congressional Budget Office (2016), hospitals with teaching programs, such as Emory University Hospital, receive funds from Medicare and Medicaid for costs related to graduate medical education (GME). Two t…

Increasing Medicare Age to 67

5 days ago in Politics of Healthcare General Discussion

Currently the age that Americans become eligible for Medicare is 65. After reading the CBO ‘s Options for Reducing the Deficit, specifically, Health-Option 9, I was able to evaluate that while there would be a great deal of saving for the federal government, there would be an increase in cost for those that are currently 65 to 66 years old. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, increasing the Medicare eligibility age to 67 would save the United States Government an estimated $5.7 billion …

Endo-Surgery Curved Intraluminal Stapler Recall

5 days ago in Ethicon

Let's uncensor the words, shall we? Looks like John Wayne Bobbitt may have been one of the patients.

"The company confirmed serious device-related injuries to two patients. Misfiring of the stapler resulted in an additional resection (of the middle f1nger in one patient and the lower pen1$ in another patient) during the planned resection of the upper pen1$."

Archie Born at HCA's The Portland Hospital in London

5 days ago in HCA Healthcare Message Board

The USA Today. reported that Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan of Sussex departed from royal tradition by delivering their son Archie at an American-owned hospital in London, reports

While the royal couple declined to share details of their son's birth, a British wire service obtained a copy of Archie's birth certificate May 17. The document shows the duchess gave birth May 6 at The Portland Hospital, which is owned by Nashville, Tenn.-based HCA Healthcare.

The Portland Hospital is a private facilit…

Vertiflex Acquisition

7 days ago in Boston Scientific

Very smart buy - they also picked up a ton of reps with extremely solid SCS relationships in key markets around the country.


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