2 days ago in Axonics

The hottest thing going right now. Loading up with with experienced, successful reps and paying them through the nose. They are sitting on a pile of cash and have great leaders. I look forward to what they do to the others in the space once they launch and how quickly they do it.

NAVIO's for free too?

2 days ago in Smith & Nephew

Mako is the only play in this market and soon they will work with Stryker's Spine products. Zimmer could be a player but they keep tripping over their own feet.

Recruiters Med Device

2 days ago in Medical Device General Discussion

There are credible recruiters out there, but for every honest one, there are ten hacks. Unfortunately, many lack the experience and acumen required to place candidates in positions they know very little about. Courtesy and respect mean something. Recruiters that play the odds and only advocate on behalf of those candidates that move ahead in a clients process and dismiss those that don't, unfortunately tend to dominate the industry. They have earned the distinction of being compared to used c…

Nevro Layoffs

2 days ago in Nevro

New CEO = changes, including layoffs. It's always like this.

Will the turnover be the same in sales once the dust settles or will the new VP and CEO help create a better culture?

Does it even matter as sales rep pay has continued to drop?

miraDry Territory Manager

2 days ago in Miramar Labs

This company is now part of Sientra, who makes breast implants and other products sold to plastic surgeons.

Vanderbilt Surgeon Operated on Wrong Kidney

2 days ago in Vanderbilt University Medical Center Message Board

Isn't Vanderbilt supposed to employ some of the best surgeons in the world? A woman filed a lawsuit saying that a surgeon at Vanderbilt operated on her wrong kidney. Now she filed a $25 million lawsuit claiming surgeons implanted a 22-centimeter stent in her right kidney and not her left. Now she is receiving dialysis for life.

I've been in countless cases and an error like this can only happen if there is an enormous breakdown in communication between the staff and surgeon. Honestly, I can see …

Can sales reps change divisions within Medtronic?

2 days ago in Medtronic

Can anyone shed light on moving to another division at Medtronic in a sales capacity? I love the company and would like to stay within Medtronic but my job as a rep is in one of the lower level divisions. I would like to move up to a better job and leaving the company to do it is my least preferred option. Any experience and thoughts would be helpful.

Why do medical device reps wear scrubs all day?

3 days ago in Medical Device General Discussion

LOL, that's 4 hospitals you're introducing wonderful new bacteria into each day and possibly infecting staff and patients with. I've seen reps fly in and go right to the hospital from the airport to cover a case in the same scrubs. Nasty ***, lazy behavior. But hey, if it saves you with clothing costs, that makes perfect sense...right?

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Nevro gives Burst

3 days ago in Nevro

best thing about him leaving (for me anyway) is that crapposts like this will fade into obscurity


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