Surprise Furlough at Medtronic

3 days ago in Medtronic

There was an announcement today about more mandatory time off for contractor making total to 19 days for USA. this is in addition to not being able to make up any of your own time off. With furlough and additional mandatory time offs, effectively MDT contractor pay is being reduced by 25% in 2019 comparing to 2018.

Discrimination comes in all colors at JNJ

3 days ago in Johnson & Johnson

I'll say it, white males within JNJ are the most vulnerable to discrimination and being looked over for promotion. Unless you have a very powerful ally, the chance of you surviving a layoffs is low and even lower when trying to advance your career.

You may hate this but it is the truth. I've been here 10 years and it's only gotten worse.

Johnson & Johnson Credo, huh?

3 days ago in Johnson & Johnson

For those in MD&D, this guy hit the nail on the head --

Anyone who's worked for the company for 5 years or more (my experience was in the MD&D sector) knows the Credo is used to brow beat employees into drinking the Kool-Aid. Like the alleged HR rep said earlier in this thread, the primary factor is the business bottom line, and thus becomes the implied first paragraph of the Credo. Whenever questionable business practices hit the headlines, JnJ will reliably trot out the Tylenol recall from 1982…

Global Medical Device Security Symposium

3 days ago in Medtronic

The guest speaker was right -

The Department of Homeland Security and Medtronic are advising people with the latter's implantable defibrillators to keep their monitors and programmers updated and in sight. A warning issued by the department says over 20 Medtronic products are afflicted with vulnerabilities that could be exploited by attackers nearby. Sixteen of the products are implantable defibrillators -- some still sold around the world today -- while the others are the defibrillators' bedside…

Stryker Mako Marketing Success

3 days ago in Stryker

Fresh lawsuits coming for Mako because of baseplate fractures....cases are all over Maude. How's that for patient awareness?

Smith & Nephew Advanced Wound Care

3 days ago in Smith & Nephew

The whole division has become a commodity. They should do the right thing and sell it. Stop holding on to the past.

Biogen Scraps ENGAGE and EMERGE Trials

3 days ago in BiogenIdec

I love how most CEO's scoff at suggestions from analysts because they're all a bunch of know-it-alls. At countless presentations, analysts have been trying to get Biogen to diversify but Michel and the ex dismissed the advice. Now look what they got themselves into.

I hope they have enough money left after today for good severance packages.


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