Medical Device Recruiters

3 days ago in Medical Device General Discussion

A number of them have of never had a discussion with a physician about what's important to them in a customer driven sales consultant, much less ever even seen the inside of an ASC or an OR. Yet, they have all the capabilities and intuitiveness to determine what successful reps, Directors, VP's and CEO's do to become successful??? Crazy! And no, I am not against GOOD, CREDIBLE recruiters. I do believe there are good ones and have used them routinely. But, dig deep and look at previous place…


3 days ago in Vertiflex

X became everything everyone said he couldn't be! I love it. His drive, his eloquent and very sincere bullshitting always put him in good graces with customers and his reps. The consummate relationship builder and problem solver. He's the sales guy's sales manager and proved that in three different companies, successful in all of them. Kudos to the man, he deserves all that he has achieved in both recognition and financial rewards!

Drees and Holstine Are The Problem

3 days ago in Nuvectra

Flow seems to have F'd up a lot of people before sending them on their way to their next company lol

AstraZeneca Layoffs

3 days ago in AstraZeneca

more layoffs in operations group is coming. Global impact of 50-100 peo

Virtis Submission

3 days ago in Nuvectra

Virtis was the best hope to save this company. Now that Virtis will be third to market and up against a superior system that matches/exceeds its main advantages relative to Interstim, it's going to be a hard row to hoe. Even if you subtract out the R&D spend, the current levels of sales can't sustain the SG&A cost. Sales and revenue fell Q1 compared to Q4 as did gross profit. Unless there's an imminent follow-up coming for the SCS family or some other revenue stream it's already game over. Stock…

Becton Dickinson Fraud Settlement

4 days ago in BD

BD subsidiary, CareFusion, has agreed to pay $3.3 million to settle civil fraud claims alleging that it sold products without FDA approval, according to a release from the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York.

San Diego-based CareFusion faced claims that it bought and sold medical devices not approved or cleared by the FDA, which were then used in procedures by providers who went on to submit reimbursement claims through Medicare and Medicaid, according to the release.


Cardiologists receive FDA warning letter about Impella

4 days ago in Abiomed

Impella is lifesaving.

Zimmer Biomet Surgical Division

4 days ago in Zimmer Biomet

Would a Zimmer Biomet surgical rep be able to provide thoughts on the sales job with the surgical division? Pay, culture and products

Inferior products, underpaid reps who have always over-delivered, toxic culture. If you're going to pay me at 50% of what I was expecting then at least be honest about it.

Why should surgeons trust Globus Medical?

4 days ago in Globus Medical

Almost all products are "me too" these days which is why contracts and the local rep are the most important thing for a company.


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