Most chill job in med sales you have had?

20 hours ago in Medical Device Sales

Man, that's a tough one. Device jobs are paying less than they used to and every day is a dog fight in every job I've had. If you only care about hitting right at 100k and don't want too much headache, there's nothing wrong with a position with ethicon. You get a car and most of the business is on contract so you can't really do much more than babysit accounts. You'll be done by 3 everyday.

Another idea is a job with Medtronic in their DBS division. The technology is under the radar at Medtronic…

CVG Falling Apart?

1 day ago in Medtronic

Fantastic how we try to be on the forefront of technology with iPhones syncing with our pacers but then recall 157,000 dual chambers because they lose the ability to pace. This goes back to the company trying to cut costs but be on the leading edge. Hint: it doesn't work that way.

Stryker Neuro Spine ENT Sales Rep

1 day ago in Stryker

It did that's why I asked the question. The amount of departures made me question if there was something wrong. You still never answered the question so thanks anyway.

CEO Ride Alongs

2 days ago in AtriCure

Mike Carrel is a great CEO and more importantly a great guy. He is well respected by the home office, field and customers. Honestly, I think he should get an opportunity with a bigger company. They would be lucky to have him. If you have a field ride with him then take notes and learn something.

Nuvectra Market Adoption

2 days ago in Nuvectra

ignore that this is mostly a trial issue occurring during a procedure. 3000 permanent implant patients by end of 2018, 1000 patients by end of 2017... so 2000 patients in 2018... Less than 1% of patients are affected by this issue... at least 4 leads per patient (2 trial and 2 permanent minimum)... lead fracture rate is less than 0.25%. So who cares?

It's not like these are breaking off in their brain or heart

increase in product improvement cadence

2 days ago in Nuvectra

NF's a sales director. A sales directorisn't going to fix any product problem no matter how capable (and good-looking) they are.

Humana Layoffs

2 days ago in Humana

RIF in February is all but done. Expect to get 2 weeks severance for each year worked.

ROSA Robot

2 days ago in Zimmer Biomet

Well, let's hope not considering we're expecting approval for spine and rolling it out at the end of this year.

Wasn't Bryan Hanson supposed to make Zimmer more like Medtronic?

2 days ago in Zimmer Biomet

I love the whole attitude that Hanson is magically going to turn Zimmer into Medtronic. This isn't the NFL coming from the Andy Reid coaching tree and getting your team to the playoffs in the first year. If Hanson could run Zimmer like Medtronic it would be a miracle. Hanson isn't even shooting for Medtronic like numbers. He is forecasting 2% to 3% growth by 2020. BY 2020! We're not talking about a stable business like Wal-Mart here. Zimmer has been in the shitter so once the company is stabiliz…

Zimmer Biomet Layoffs

2 days ago in Zimmer Biomet

Tenured rep at ZB Atlanta was fired. From the top on down, ZB is a clown show right now.

Restasis Competition

2 days ago in Allergan

So Aurina is developing a dry eye medicine called VOS, (voclosporin ophthalmic solution) that could be superior to Restasis. Does anyone happen to know when it could hit the market?

Biosimilar Competition

2 days ago in Amgen

For all the 'Positive Patrick's' on the forums, how is Bob going to address Biosimilars and declining sales from Enbrel and Neulasta? They make up 40% of Amgen's sales and biosimilar competition is continuing to increase.

More price cuts from other products, outsourcing, layoffs...what's the strategy? 40% of sales is unhealthy and will have to be addressed somehow.


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