Smith & Nephew Layoffs

4 hours ago in Smith & Nephew

So we have the noise from the Nuvasive deal who isn't a leader in market share.

Other market share notes:

4th in trauma

4th in joints

Robots = Haha

2nd in Sports

Wound - great but dead industry.

With all of these lackluster divisions, how can the company continue to support sales & marketing in its current state?


5 hours ago in Axonics

me too bruh. isn’t axonics supposed to be getting questions from fda any day now? i can’t wait until that pma approval drops in and that stock pops! daddy needs a new kia

There is no room at the Inn for Gelfman

1 day ago in Stryker

so there are no rules in New York? Shame on your company for supporting a rep like this. This is exactly what makes us all look bad.

CVS to sell CBD products in 800 stores

2 days ago in CVS Health

A big win for CBD products as CVS will begin selling topical cannabidiol products like creams, roll-ons and sprays in 800 stores throughout 8 states. The company is partnering with a company who will test the quality of the CBD products prior to being approved and sold in their stores.

Say goodbye to the local hippie store in your local strip mall. Next up, weed?

MOMENTUM 3 Shows Solid HeartMate 3 Data

2 days ago in Abbott

Finally some positive momentum for HeartMate 3. The MOMENTUM 3 data was presented at ACC, showing that HeartMate 3 is superior compared to HeartMate II, with the 3 helping 98.6% of patients avoid thrombosis as compared to 86.1%, who used HeartMate II. The data also showed complications of stroke, bleeding and the need for surgically removing erroneous pumps can be reduced with the use of the HeartMate 3 pump. Even better for bad surgeons is the study shows that the benefits are design specific a…

Stanford Medicine Presents Results of Apple Heart Study

4 days ago

Apple recently announced the results of the Apple Heart Study, which was led by physicians at Stanford Medicine. The study enrolled over 400,000 participants in an effort to evaluate Apple Watch's irregular rhythm notification.

What is Mark Zuckerberg's number one hiring rule?

5 days ago

Building a culture at a startup, large organization or even a small sales team needs to be handled with care and thoughtfulness. Hiring one bad apple could impact how your company performs and gains traction in the market.

J&J takes a $900 million loss for RSV drug

2 days ago in Johnson & Johnson

Which one of our fearless leaders takes the hit for this monstrous mistake? Is it Gorsky and his $20 million pay package? Not a chance.

The Alios BioPharma acquisition has totally blown up after the company is going to abandon development of AL-8176 and is taking a $900 million hit after writing the investigational RS therapy off.

Is a billion dollar loss acceptable for any company, regardless of size?

Alex Gorsky only made $20 million last year

2 days ago in Johnson & Johnson

So Gorsky still makes $20 million even though the company took a $900 million write off for an investigation treatment for the Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) and human metapneumovirus company acquired in the Alios BioPharma deal? Let that sink in....$900 million write-off....

Nevro Appoints New CEO After Rami Elghandour Steps Down

5 days ago

With their stock down over 94% in the last year, Nevro finally pulled the trigger and made a change at the top with Rami Elghandour stepping down and being replaced with D. Keith Grossman who will be appointed as Nevro's CEO and a member of the Board of Directors.

Medtech[y] Medical Sales Job Board

2 days ago in Announcements

Nevro in 2019 and Beyond

2 days ago in Nevro

Enxing is the most brilliant idiot I've ever met. Absolutely brilliant and yes, absolutely an idiot!


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