Stryker Gallup Interview and Questions

8 months ago in Stryker

There is nothing complicated! I found a great useful article on the Internet about gallup interview questions stryker . Here you can read everything that needs to be observed in the interview, and most importantly, you can prepare well for the most unexpected and tricky questions. Mr simon is a good website for people to find work. The main thing is that it is free.

What's the Strategy in the U.S. for Neovasc's Reducer?

9 months ago

Neovasc (Nasdaq: NVCN) is a medical device company primarily known for Reducer, which is a minimally invasive device that helps treat patients with refractory angina. The device has been approved in Europe

The Zeltiq Cool Sculpting Scam

2 months ago in Allergan

CoolSculpting was hit with a class action lawsuit on August 27,2020 in Florida Middle District Court over the company's fat-reducing medical device, the CoolSculpting system. The complaint, which alleges that the product causes permanent deformities (PAH) was brought by Lou Law.

This is the link that you can join the class action lawsuit.

And this the FB link as a support group for people who want to learn more about the adverse effect.


Nevro Senza Battery Issues and Explants

5 days ago in Nevro

I had the nevro implants for 2 years 2016 to 2018 and the whole time they kept coming apart I had four surgeries the whole thing was infected with bacteria inside and I finally insisted that they remove it. The doctor they gave me apparently didn't know what a hole in my back messed but it meant it was never going to close because the battery pack was damaged with bacteria. I want to get a lawyer and I want to sue the crap out of them because now I'm left in more pain that I was before I had to…

Drivers of Labor Costs

4 days ago in General Healthcare Discussion

There are three key drivers of labor costs within health care. The average healthcare costs for a person is about $9,000. Healthcare has reached $2.8 trillion according to CMS. Physician, facility and drug costs are among the highest costs in the world. The high costs for technologies and procedures for treatment such as MRIs. High administrative expenses with processes for billing and health insurers costs the U.S. healthcare system billions (Becker's Healthcare, 2014).

The costs for physici…

Medical Sales College Review

2 months ago in Medical Sales College

What a naive statement. Selling printers helps get you in the right mindset to sell a product made by one company to another company. That's all device sales is: sell a device made by your company to a hospital. When I interview new reps, I'm not asking about their desire to help people, I'm asking about their numbers, their sales process, their president's club trips at ADP - that's the guy who's going to hustle and make plan.

You can inflate your ego by believing whatever you like about what y…

Medrobotics hasn't can't make payroll.

3 weeks ago in Medrobotics

To add fuel to the fire they lied about people having healthcare and never paid the premium and employees are left with thousands of dollars in medical bills. They belong in jail for what they did to the people of this company!


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