UK preparing for ‘worst-case’ medical supply Brexit plan

5 hours ago

The UK government is preparing for a “worst-case” Brexit scenario in which no deal is reached between the country and the European Union by March 29, the date the country is slated to leave the EU, according to a recent release from UK health minister Matt Hancock. Preparations include increasing the stock holding capacity in […]

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Managers gone missing

2 hours ago in Zoll Medical

Some fired, some left, some Manager's sales went missing.

50% of the ADs and RMs should be gone for not doing their job, You can start by giving each of the remaining managers a test on what cardiomyopathy and non-ischemic means. 50% easily wouldn't make the cut.

Cementless Knee

4 hours ago in Depuy Synthes

Depuy should figure out how to make a cemented baseplate that doesn't fall out before they start trying to compete with Triathlon and Persona pressfit.

The Future of Medical Education Looks a lot like Netflix: Interview with Brian Conyer, CEO of GIBLIB

6 hours ago

GIBLIB, named after Dr. John Heysham Gibbon, the revolutionary surgeon that invented the heart-lung machine, is an online streaming platform that provides medical professionals with access to high-fidelity, immersive 360-degree virtual reality (VR) video content of current medical topics and surgical procedures. The videos closely emulate the operating room environment, including camera angles from the surgeon’s […]

Florida Ground Zero for Medical Device Fraud

5 hours ago in Medical Device Fraud

Florida paid out a lot of millionaire sales reps who started selling pain cream 5 years ago. Pain Cream was the biggest fraud I've seen in the industry in the 20 years I've been in device sales.

What are your thoughts on Jeff getting promoted to CEO of Acclarent?

8 hours ago in Acclarent

I'm with you on this. If JNJ cared enough about Acclarent they would have gone out and hired a professional CEO who could turn the company around. More resources are needed in R&D so we can get some better products. The ones we have are stale. Entellus is running laps around us. If JNJ cared it wouldn't be this way.

New Sensor Detects HER-2 Breast Cancer Biomarker in 15 Minutes

7 hours ago

A few years ago researchers identified the Human Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor 2 (HER-2) protein as a biomarker for the presence of certain types of breast cancer. Tests for it, though, are expensive and take much time to produce results. Researchers at the University of Connecticut and University of Hartford have now developed a cheap biosensor that […]


8 hours ago in Acclarent

More layoffs confirmed before NSM.

The Mike's

9 hours ago in Zoll Medical

If you met the guy i bet you'd change your mind. He treats people like they're a number.

Medical Device Companies Suppressing MAUDE Reports

10 hours ago in General Medical Sales

How about this CEO stop threatening sales reps that report these issues to the company. Let’s change the protocol. Rep reports the incident to the regulatory agency then the agency contacts the company to make sure there has been follow up. Eliminate the the CEO filtering process

Sanuwave confirms acting CEO Richardson as company head | Personnel Moves – December 12, 2018

7 hours ago

Sanuwave said late last month that it lifted acting CEO and board chair Kevin Richardson to a permanent position in the corner office. Richardson joined the Suwanee, Ga.-based company in 2009 as board chair, and has served as acting CEO since 2014. He also served as managing partner of investment management firm Prides Capital from […]

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Wireless Please

11 hours ago in General Medical Sales

I wouldn’t say it’s untouched. Stimwave has done a decent job in the category

Flowonix vs Medtronic

18 hours ago in Medtronic

I've had my flowonix pump for a bit now. Before it, I was in pain 24/7 & my pain never got below an 8, with oral pain meds & I was more than maxed out on them. I am EXTREMELY lucky because my pain Dr is PHENOMENAL & handles any & all issues immediately!! I had a Medtronics pump first but it got infected somehow & I was within a couple of hours of becoming septic & dying. I had to wait 16 months for a new pump, a went with a new brand and I couldn't be happier!! It's been doing great managing my …

Should You Sandbag Sales at the End of the Year?

7 hours ago

There’s two weeks left in 2018 and you have a decision to make: Do you sandbag sales to get off to a better start in 2019 or do you slam in every order you can to help make your company’s forecast?

McKesson Layoffs 2018

1 day ago in McKesson

It was posted on another thread that many of the jobs will be eliminated when those offered a transfer won’t take it. You can call it a built-in layoff without calling it a lay-off.

McKesson Moving to Texas

1 day ago in McKesson

The move to Texas equates to built-in layoffs. Kind of a genius move.


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