Medrobotics IPO

9 hours ago in Medrobotics

It's a tough market. Their revenue isn't substantial and the market isn't very friendly to underperforming robotic surgery companies. Look at Titan Medical and TransEnterix. Sure, Titan doesn't have a system on the market yet but TransEnterix does and they are having a hard time selling it.

The fact is, Intuitive Surgical is too big, powerful and funded for these small players to actually compete.

Stryker Phone & Video Interview Tips

10 hours ago in Stryker

Could one of you on this board give any tips that could be useful for the video and phone interview with Stryker?

I have mine scheduled for next week. The Gallup went fine and moving on to the next stage. The video interview is more concerning to me than the phone interview. Any good tips and advice would be great!

Nevro in 2019 and Beyond

12 hours ago in Nevro

The preliminary numbers for 2018 look really bad. If I was the board, Rami would be getting a lot of tough questions. His plan has been schizophrenic which is why he needs a VP.

Originally the goal was to slowly expand the sales team so the reps could build the business by growing customers SCS practices. Then everyone quit or were fired. Next they had to hire replacements. Then those reps quit or were fired. And again it happened. Now it seems like they are expanding more than just the reps the…

FDA Investigation of Paclitaxel Balloons and Eluting Stents

12 hours ago in Boston Scientific

The meta analysis and warning from the FDA saying that paclitaxel coated devices could increase death after two years was not a good situation for the business. I'm happy with how the company responded though.

I'll give Jeff Mirviss credit for tackling this head on. Below are some of his quotes:

“All of the other devices, including the Zilver PTX stent, have a coating where the coating comes off to deliver the drug. Eluvia is an eluting technology, with a polymer that has the drug incorporated…

United Healthcare Sues Generic Drug Makers

13 hours ago in United Healthcare

I noticed United Healthcare sued a group of generic drug companies for price fixing their generic drugs. Humana recently filed a similar suit. Both insurers are trying to get back financial loses that they say are due to inflated prices.

The collusion case was also brought by the federal government, targeting a group of "core conspirators" that includes Teva and Mylan, as well as dozens of other drugmakers.

I can't believe I'm saying this, but good for the insurance companies. These drug compani…

Dental Implant Sales

16 hours ago in Straumann

The implant industry is over saturated these days. Very hard to make good money.

Orchid Orthopedic Solutions acquired by European private equity outfit

10 hours ago

Nordic Capital has acquired a majority stake in Orchid Orthopedic Solutions (Holt, Mich.), a major design and manufacturing outsourcer in the orthopedic medical device space. Financial terms of the deal – announced Jan. 21 – were not disclosed. While the Nordic Capital Fund IX is buying a majority stake in Orchid, previous owner Altor Fund III will keep […]

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Davinci- what a scam

17 hours ago in Patient Focus

Take a look at the posts on this thread and you can see why. I get the sense there were a lot of lawyers chasing patients who had less than desirable surgical results with the da Vinci. A little expert tip for ya: start with your surgeon despite what your lawyers want you to believe. The da Vinci doesn't control itself, the surgeon controls it.

Abbott touts effective pain management, lower energy use in BurstDR SCS study results

13 hours ago

Abbott (NYSE:ABT) late last week released results from a study of its BurstDR spinal cord stimulation technology, touting that it provided as effective pain relief as standard SCS despite providing lower-energy, intermittent stimulation known as “microdosing,” for patients with chronic intractable pain. Results from the BOLD study were presented at the 22nd Annual North American Neuromodulation […]

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Medtronic Recalls

19 hours ago in Medtronic

probably because most full time employees and managers don’t even work 20 hours a weeks, from what I saw, while treating the contractors like doormats and an easy excuse to save money after recalling about 160, 000 and hiding this from once

The CABANA Trial

20 hours ago in Biosense Webster Inc.

The referral comes from cardiologists but patients are becoming more educated about AFib because of devices like the Apple Watch so the cardiologists are seeing more patients with AFib.

Cardiologists also aren't dumb. Tech has changed in the last 8 years since CABANA started. The results of newer devices can't be compared to those in the study. How else can you explain the strong growth for Thermocool Smarttouch? If you aren't seeing success you may want to get that resume cleaned up.


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