VP Sales - RB

13 hours ago in Intersect ENT

agree with your comments. Word on street is probably leaves next year which would be interesting as he would probably be able to take 60 percent of team for the right opportunity.

The CoolTone Scam

1 day ago in Allergan

I don’t work for either company but seems to be a lot of grasping by the BTL folks on LinkedIn to try to discredit this product. If anything it just comes off as being very nervous about having a competitor. Just because it’s new and your product happens to have a few more “clinical “articles (by paid consultants who are also getting paid by the patient vs insurance for the procedure) doesn’t mean it doesn’t work or is not better than what you have.

The good news is, for anyb…

Zimmer & Amedica Partnership Inevitable

1 day ago in Zimmer Biomet

Why is Sintx missing the 8k from the adjourned July 3rd meeting? something really suspicious going on here with the RS vote passing at the next meeting and shareholders had no 8k to tell them when it was going to happen. SEC has been notified about the missing 8k and the RS vote passing the next meeting. Lawsuits should be pending soon, this is extreme shady behavior by CEO and Sintx. It’s as if Sintx and maxim short this together. Investigations into this business are needed.

Hanchin Out

1 day ago in Nuvectra

top reps are jumping ship as well. It’s a lost cause

Stryker Mobile Lab

2 days ago in Stryker

Oh yea, the mobile lab where you give nurses and your champion doctors free food and let them play around on cadavers? Those same doctors use my knees the next day. The benefits you speak of sound amazing.

AbbVie Acquires Allergan for $63 Billion

2 days ago in AbbVie

Ricky also thought about HUGE savings due to redacted's monthly high maintenance cosmetic needs

This post had content that was redacted. Learn more in our removal policy.

Algovita Revenue

3 days ago in Nuvectra

nuvectra filed to sell up to $100 million in stock (additional) in stages. The filing has a poison pill provision to prevent someone from acquiring a controlling interest without the board agreeing to it. Pretty standard stuff...


Looks like they filled to pull the trigger on selling $25 million in stock. For those of you holding shares, your ownership is about to be diluted but that's the price of solvency when you sell more Shares than product…

Are Tesla’s good cars for sales reps?

3 days ago in Medical Sales General Discussion

I’m seriously considering getting a Tesla Model 3 or a used X to use as my primary car for my sales job. My territory covers accounts within three hours from the house and I get $500 per month for my car allowance.

Are there any reps out there who have a Tesla and use it for work purposes? For one, my gas bill will go down.

Thanks in advance for the feedback.

There's no Mistako, Mako is Crushing it

4 days ago in Stryker

mako reps are basically running the cases in our area. If you don’t think hospitals and Stryker aren’t thinking they could save money with just a mako rep you are crazy. In our area they are getting the hospitals to purchase implants with the robot. Hospital owns the inventory, hospital owns the robot, hospital is paying the mako reps salary, surgeon can switch companies and use robot... tell me again how you aren’t pushing yourself out of a job

Consumer and Provider Costs -

4 days ago in General Healthcare Discussion

Consumer and Provider Costs

by Carlene Roachford-Alexander

July 16, 2019

What impact does the federal or state health care policies have on consumer costs?
Consumers need health care one way or another. The services can come in different aspects such as medical treatment, therapy, prescriptions, surgery, assistance, this is a service needed all around the world. These services are needed as consumers and patients. The Affordable Care Act was put into place to help the patients so that they can…


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