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Zimmer Biomet Message Board

Zimmer Biomet Moving to a Repless Sales Model?

2 weeks ago

Ok, I take this with a grain of salt because I read it on the Zimmer cafepharma board but someone mentioned that Zimmer is testing a repless sales model. Uh, is this a joke, rumor, competitor start it? I don't know the answer or if it is even legit but it's kind of concerning.

On top of this some of the reps at a meeting said they heard Zimmer is talking to Amazon about a partnership or acquisition. I don't know and they didn't know either but it was said. I get these are all rumors but sometim…

Amazon Rumor

2 weeks ago

I'm with Zimmer and did hear some talk like this amongst reps at our most recent meetings. I seriously don't understand how any of this would work with a company like Amazon. Amazon doesn't want to deal with the FDA. They just want to sell stuff.

With all of that said, is this where the rumor came from about Zimmer testing out a repless sales model? Are they prepping for something like a partnership with Amazon?

Wasn't Bryan Hanson supposed to make Zimmer more like Medtronic?

3 weeks ago

Ten years of over-leveraging to meet quarterly numbers coupled with 7 years of over-promising and under-delivering to FDA will not be fixed in 6 months.

Free Rosa's for everyone

3 weeks ago

Just do 50 joints a year and we can put your name on the back of our brochures! Also comes with a consultant contract, but don't worry, we won't report it to the FDA and open payments. We got your back...wink wink.

Zimmer Warsaw Layoffs

2 months ago

At the time, they said they were aiming to "keep everybody" after the merger. Ok boss.

2 Year Turnaround?

2 months ago

Bryan Hanson is trying to give himself time and to not look like a fool to investors and the board. If it takes two years to solve the manufacturing/supply and operational issues, Zimmer has more problems on their hands than they realize. Stop playing games Hanson and figure it out.

Persona Tibial Loosening is Real

2 months ago

Please don't lump Persona in with a product like Attune. Persona is the most complete system on the market and we are continuing to evolve the technology with cementless and revision. It really is no wonder that most of the docs in my region won't touch your implants.

ROSA Robot

2 months ago

The brain app is cool but the total knee with ROSA is what will make a difference for Zimmer.


3 months ago

They are a great distributor based out of Springfield, Illinois. They do not cover the Chicago land area but do cover everything south of Chicago. They have a high market share in Recon and perform well across all business segments.