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Zimmer Biomet Message Board

Zimmer Biomet Supply Issues

3 days ago

You guys are so gullible. A Stryker rep started this rumor and y'all are taking it at gospel. I've had no problem getting Oxford and my counterparts haven't either. How about calling your manager before believing a competitor?

Zimmer & Amedica Partnership Inevitable

3 days ago

I'm lost, what does InvestorsHub have to do with Amedica and Scott trying to push a buyout to Zimmer?

Zimmer Biomet Kansas City

5 days ago

Don't forget Colorado. We're living in the same nightmare as kc. Can you say ZERO LEADERSHIP?!?!

Zimmer Biomet Layoffs

5 days ago

Layoffs are not needed. Start by firing the inept "leadership" in KC and Colorado. I can assure the business in those markets will turn around. Your move Warsaw!

Warsaw North FDA Inspections

5 days ago

Is Hanson in trouble???

An investigation into Zimmer Biomet's Warsaw, Ind.-based manufacturing facility began following a Securities Class Action complaint filed in 2017.

The complaint was filled by shareholders who purchased securities between June 7, 2016 and Nov. 7, 2016. According to the suit, Zimmer Biomet misled the general and investing public regarding quality control issues.

An internal audit found Zimmer Biomet's headquarters in Warsaw misled the public about its products and production.…

ROSA Robot

2 weeks ago

Prostatectomy is the only davinci procedure for which there was not already a widely adopted, minimally invasive option. There is no data to suggest that performing a particular surgery robotically produces significantly better outcomes than performing the same surgery with the traditional laparoscopic technique.

Zimmer Biomet Recalls

1 month ago

Wow man, I did not know he wasn't based in Warsaw. Us reps never get the real story.

With the ongoing FDA inspection issues, you would think he would make it a priority to be right in the mix. Even crazy Elon Musk is sleeping on the assembly line. Hanson should learn something from Elon by getting out of his preppy cathedral and with the common folk he's supposed to be leading in Warsaw.

Free Rosa's for everyone

2 months ago

A high volume doc doesn't want anything to do with Mako or Rosa because it adds twice the time to their cases. Slow and low volume docs will push administrators to buy it for as a marketing tool but they aren't needed. Are outcomes better? No Can I do twice as many cases per day without one? Yes. There's your answer. I saved you a trip.

Zimmer Biomet Moving to a Repless Sales Model?

3 months ago

The rumors of a software app or tablet app that replaces the rep are insane. Are they really testing this in Louisiana and some other cities? If so, any word on how it is going? Having a surgeon or nurse use a tablet to get questions answered during a surgery is crazy stupid. I give the surgeon 20 seconds before they grab it from the circulator and throw it across the room.

These ivory tower clowns keep coming up with the most random ****.

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Amazon Rumor

3 months ago

I'm with Zimmer and did hear some talk like this amongst reps at our most recent meetings. I seriously don't understand how any of this would work with a company like Amazon. Amazon doesn't want to deal with the FDA. They just want to sell stuff.

With all of that said, is this where the rumor came from about Zimmer testing out a repless sales model? Are they prepping for something like a partnership with Amazon?