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Valeant Pharmaceuticals Message Board

Time for Old man to leave

2 weeks ago

Isn't Thurman buddies with Calvert? Tough to see Thurman letting him go.

Valeant turnaround won't work but layoffs will

2 weeks ago

Well Valeant must be happy with the Bausch business because they just renamed the company to Bausch Health. No doubt to distance the company from the scandal of the previous management team.

Top 10 Valeant products by revenue

4 weeks ago

You know there's a problem with your company when Wellbutrin is one of your best selling products.

It was approved in 1985!!!


2 months ago

Going along with the Valeant strategy, maybe they pick up Cosmo?

Valeant Philidor Scandal

3 months ago

True story...I can't believe they wrote that to each other.

Valeant Layoffs

3 months ago

And that same hedge fund run by Bill Ackman just had layoffs, probably because of his failures with Valeant. My favorite was that he had to let his personal driver go.

Valeant Pharmaceuticals News

9 months ago

Valeant Pharmaceuticals and its former CEO Michael Pearson have been accused of a long list of nefarious activities. Now a mutual fund that claims it lost a mind-boggling $80 billion on its Valeant investments has rolled all of those into a lawsuit that alleges Valeant was a criminal enterprise.

The civil securities fraud lawsuit was filed in federal court in New Jersey by mutual fund Lord Abbett & Co. It names Valeant, Pearson, former CFOs Robert Rosiello and Howard Schiller, former controller …

Fund's $80B Valeant losses prompt lawsuit calling company a criminal enterprise | FiercePharma

A mutual fund that claims it lost a mind-boggling $80 billion on its Valeant investments has rolled a long list of alleged violations into a lawsuit that alleges Valeant was a criminal enterprise.

OraPharma Account Manager

1 year ago

A position in Cedar Rapids came open and it sounds like a decent job but I do want to see if I can get more info about the position and the company.

Most important is if customers have a negative opinion of the company because of the Valeant attachment? Or do most of them not even know Valeant is the parent company?

Other than that is the culture a good one with good benefits?

I was told the job is 95k with a car. Is this what others are making?

Thank you to anyone for the help.

Valeant Message Board

1 year ago

Ackman loading up again.

Valeant Cafepharma

1 year ago

John Hempton who took on a side gig as an R&D scientist at Allergan killed Valeant. He toiled away for months, **** posting on Cafe Pharma during lunch breaks, and eventually coming up with the Xifaxan ******.

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