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Job Listings

Layoffs at Stryker

2 days ago

I honestly don't think they will have to because most of the reps will leave before then. 100% commission and bad management will force reps to leave on their own.

When will Stryker make an SCS Acquisition

4 days ago

Nuvectra is not a bad choice. Although the technology is "me too" it's still a viable product that from all accounts has produced pretty good outcomes. From a Stimwave standpoint, nobody is really sure what to think of this. A lot of rumors swirling in the wind about this company and not many positive rumors. Saluda may take too long to commercialize. So Nuvectra seems like the logical choice of the three...IM

Stryker Accolade II Problems

2 weeks ago

glad to see mr vivian mason from Stryker retire he should have held his surgical

reps more accountable

Congratulations On Your Knee Business Stryker

2 weeks ago

Zimmer makes a good product but they can't figure out how to make it on time. You probably only got the business because the rep can't get product for cases.

Stryker Drug Testing Policy

2 weeks ago

They should have to pass an IQ test. But then again that would eliminate most of the salesforce.

NASS 2017

4 weeks ago

All the docs were at our booth.


Stryker got fleeced

4 weeks ago

Well, no ****! Novadaq won't exist in two months so of course they'll take a look at the Novadaq strategy and eliminate because there won't be anyone from Novadaq around to strategize with! But it's simple: Push the 1588 unless a customer begs to have the PinPoint. It's not rocket science and God knows most of you boys couldn't sell fluorescence on it's own anyway. So you'll keep pushing your ENV as if it's the same as Novadaq (which you all know it isn't but that's for another thread) an…

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Jack Jieafa Stryker South Florida

1 month ago

Jack jieafa owned the company dutch orthopedic implants with the surgeon dr richard levitt

Where is Stryker heading?

1 month ago

Let's hope they work out better than Physio-Control and Sage.

New Stryker Canada Headquarters

1 month ago

Stryker Canada is moving to new headquarters in September 2018.

It will be a distribution hub and regional headquarters for human resources, finance and operations.

Stryker Canada announces new headquarters to be located in Flamborough |

Stryker Canada’s new headquarters will be in Flamborough. The medical device company announced it had chosen a site on Highway 6, just north of Highway 5, as the location for its Canadian head...

Why is stryker such a great place to work?

2 months ago

Stryker is such a great place to work because
1. I can wear my OR scrubs in airports while carrying my Stryker bag,
2. open lots of boxes in the OR,
3. flex for all of the hot nurses in the OR,
4. take Wednesdays off for leg day and
5. constantly see my commissions reduced and territory split.

CMF Implosion

2 months ago

What is going on at CMF? Countless firings and reps leaving to avoid being put on a plan. Is management cleaning house to bring in cheaper help?