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Stryker Message Board

Stryker Acquisitions

3 days ago

SCS is too big a market for Stryker to not be a part of.

The names brought up most are neuropace and Stimwave.

My "all in" bet: Nuvectra

Stryker Gallup Interview and Questions

5 days ago

Stryker still uses this archaic test? I hated every minute of it and thought they would have evolved their hiring process in the last 20 years.

Stryker Sales Reps are Dorks in Scrubs

1 week ago

Do you think they will fit you? I don't think they're available with an elastic waistband.

Stryker IT Layoffs, Outsourcing and Reorg

3 weeks ago

Now that every single IT outsourcing firm hasn't worked out, maybe they can shift direction and increase morale by building up IT again? Outsourcing didn't work and they let go of many people who care about Stryker.

Wipro and Accenture didn't care about Stryker. Build up the organization with people who want Stryker to succeed because their livelihood depends on it. Then maybe the performance would improve to the best it's ever been.

Stryker Buying Up K2M

3 weeks ago

Man I hope Omar doesn't waste more money on a flat Spine market... the last thing Medtronic needs is a heavier anchor around our necks.

Makoplasty Product Specialist Sales Position

1 month ago

Would this be the same division for Stryker's Robotic Sales team? I talked to a corporate recruiter about the Account Executive role and was told that I would be selling Mako on the capital side of things. They did not explain the Mako product specialist job and how it fits in to the capital sale. Do they only come into the conversation post sale?

Tritanium Cup Issues

1 month ago

Ok. Go to Maude, you can find hundreds of these just for 2018. There is an actual issue. Not just competitive tactics.

Catalog Number 502-03-50D
Device Problem Osseointegration Problem
Event Date 07/02/2018
Event Type Injury
Manufacturer Narrative

Review of the device history records indicate devices were manufactured and accepted into f…

Layoffs at Stryker

1 month ago

For those who were listening from the first day Bijoy walked in, this was the plan which came from Lobo. The hundreds of talented IT people who, for the last 20 years helped build Stryker to what it is today, are being tossed to the curb, TCS is the 3rd Outsourcing company in 3 years. Outsourcing doesn't work. There is no ownership, accountability, or innovation. Also, there is a severe lack of security. How much data is begin taken by people on the other side of the world who could …

550 Mako Installs

1 month ago

I know for a fact ZB is offering free robots to accounts but can't speak to how customers are "acquiring" Mako's.

Mako Total Knee

1 month ago

Bold claims by Dr. Jacob in this video. Sure Mako is cool but is it actually more accurate than a traditional total knee and are the long-term outcomes better? Where's the head to head in a controlled trial?