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Stryker Message Board

Stryker Associate Sales Rep Salary

1 week ago

I would like to know this too. Additionally, could a current or former rep in Stryker's associate program provide some insight as to how the program was for them and if they would recommend being an associate in one division vs. another? I will have flexibility in making a decision on which job I take. I you would share any other insight that would be a plus too.

Stryker Drug Testing Policy

3 weeks ago

Since Stryker does not give sales reps cars do they still do a a full driving record search?

Mako Total Knee

3 weeks ago

Call me when you start having reimbursement issues with MAKO scans in your territory...

They're coming quickly.

Stryker IT Layoffs, Outsourcing and Reorg

3 weeks ago

This is the final chapter in a multi-year strategy to outsource IT. A lot of good talented people have already lost their jobs and more will lose their jobs in the end. They don't realize how they are messing with peoples lives and careers. This, from a company that promotes the slogan "We grow Talent". I am one of the lucky ones and got out on my own terms.

100% Commission

3 weeks ago

Yes! And I wouldn't have it any other way!!

Stryker X3 Triathlon and the kitchen sink

4 weeks ago

Don't Depuy reps have more pressing needs to tend to during the day, like all the Attune revisions? You must have 4-5 cases per week with Attunes coming out. Go bore them with your stories. Stryker is the last company you want to mess with.

The Changing Culture at Stryker

4 weeks ago

Stryker is the best company I've ever worked for and I trust the judgment they are making on hiring decisions.

Stryker Neuro Spine ENT Sales Rep

4 weeks ago

Entellus is the Stryker ENT division. Other than Nasopore nasal packing, Stryker was non-existant in the ENT market prior to Entellus aquisition.

Its been a **** show since Stryker bought Entellus. With or without Stryker it has come down to the battle of the lowest price sinus balloon as they compete for market share with Medtronic and Acclarent.

Still waiting to see how Stryker can add even competitive edge what so ever.

In the meantime, Latera nasal implant sales continue to drop due to the ov…

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Best division at Stryker??

1 month ago

victim of mako mistako and Eius knee no one cares

Pat Stryker only cares about money and john browns nephew Michael mogul hid adverse events to enrich the company

Jack jieafa sold outdated products and paid consultant surgeon Richard Levitt implanted these devices into suspecting patients without their permission

Boston Scientific

1 month ago

Stryker just disclosed that they haven't been in merger talks with Boston. WSJ was wrong.

When will Stryker make an SCS Acquisition

1 month ago

I found this on the Boston board. SCS/Stim seems like a big reason for the interest.

This is a note from Leerink:

WSJ reported that SYK had approached BSX with a takeover bid. While not confirmed, we took a stab at a rough-cut pro forma analysis - including a sensitivity analysis around % of deal paid for with debt and premium - to assess the financial viability of such a deal, and we also offer some quick thoughts on some potential strategic motivations. From a strategic perspective, the source…

CrossLink Orthopaedics

2 months ago

Thanks. It is appreciated though a bit confusing that they are an agent and not a true distributor. Are the people at least good to work for?

Layoffs at Stryker

2 months ago

This wouldn't surprise me at all. I have some friends at Abbott and they use Wipro for their IT outsourcing. Many device and pharma companies have been switching to this model.