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Stryker Message Board

Stryker Endoscopy

11 hours ago

Great division. Great people. Great products.

The Changing Culture at Stryker

4 days ago

The future of healthcare is in Silicon Valley, not Western Michigan.


Which is why real players have innovation and development offices in Silicon Valley. JNJ for one. Stryker is a great company but I wouldn't consider them on the leading edge of healthcare. Maybe that should change?

When will Stryker make an SCS Acquisition

1 week ago

NeuroTech and Spine is the smallest business unit within Stryker so growing through one of the fastest growing medical device segments only makes sense. Pain/SCS makes a lot of sense.

Novadaq should be thankful for Stryker

2 weeks ago

Talk to Olivia Cream and any number of former Novadaq reps/managers. I'm one of them that had our deal intentionally blocked by the local manger, rep and Area Director. HR was made aware of it and we have the emails and texts to prove it happened. Of course you all won't hear about it because they would never want that exposed. They have mishandled the acquisition and transition so poorly and details like this only add to it.

Mako Total Knee

3 weeks ago

no you move on a 510k is how mako got approval and they were using the non approved shapematch cutting guides that got them put n jail you do your homework

Stryker Hip Implant Failures

4 weeks ago

But all companies have these problems so it doesn't matter to Mahwah

Stryker Gallup Interview and Questions

4 weeks ago

All these a good points but seriously please don't try and fake your way through the gallup test. Stryker is looking for a certain type of individual and if you aren't that person, you would be better off finding a job at a company where you are a better fit. Stryker is a certain type of fraternity. Medtronic, or another company, is their own fraternity with a completely separate set of values. St. Jude has theirs. And on and on and on.

It's not worth being in a job where you aren't going to li…

Mako Product Specialist

2 months ago

Hello...there are a couple of Mako Product Specialist jobs I'm looking at in Tennessee and I'm trying to get some insight on the job. I have comp info from the recruiter. I mainly want to know how the product is selling and what customers think of it? Anything that would be helpful in an interview would be helpful. Thank you!

Stryker News

2 months ago