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The Changing Culture at Stryker

10 hours ago

Oh man you guys don't know Stryker! For those who think this is an opportunity to work for Stryker I will tell you that it will not be for most.

Unfortunately, they will chew the reps up and spit them out!

Joint Replacement Sales Rep

2 days ago

Good info but what about commission plan as a joint rep? Still 100%. I'm asking because supposedly Stryker pays for mileage reimbursement for the VA territory I am looking at. This could be because the travel in the territory is extensive but not sure. Could I get the updated comp structure in joint?

100% Commission

3 days ago

And this is normal for most divisions?

Mako Surgical

1 week ago

This is amazing. Can somebody please say what account was trying to offload a MAKO on eBay?

Stryker Layoffs

2 weeks ago

Sent from an anonymous source:

Stryker india has sacked more than 50 employees. They are blaming govt policy of NPPA, but reality is of compliance issue regarding MAKO. They did not pay import duty of robotic arm. MD was sacked thereafter. Following sacking of MD there had been balance sheet frauds. The company previously showed $7.5Million in profits while it was in losses of $5M. Several leaders too resigned.


Layoffs at Stryker

2 weeks ago

The Entellus reps need to take note of this: 54 of 109 Novadaq reps were not offered jobs.


Stryker Neuro Spine ENT Sales Rep

3 weeks ago

Stryker just bought Entellus. They make balloons for sinus surgery and they also sell some other products. Stryker ENT is on the rise.

Jack Jieafa Stryker South Florida

1 month ago

the surgeon Dr. Levitt wrote the protocol for the implant so I doubt you can blame the surgeon

Jack jieafa the Stryker rep whose wife Kim Briggs jieafa and father in law Donald Briggs owned a significant amount of Stryker stock

Stryker Hiring Process

1 month ago

Would someone please explain how the Stryker commission plan works? And are all the divisions the same or do they differ?

Do you even lift bro?

1 month ago

I think "do you even lift bro" is taught in the Stryker sales training. It is the only value they bring to their customers. Heck, they even name their products, Triathlon, because they can't get their minds off of working out.

When will Stryker make an SCS Acquisition

1 month ago

Saluda is practically a done deal. Plain and simple, it actually does what they claim it will do.

Stryker Gallup Interview and Questions

1 month ago

Someone new to Stryker just posted on LinkedIn that they are "so relieved" to finally get the job at Stryker after a 6 month hiring process...and this is an ENTRY LEVEL position ! That is Nothing to be proud of. Stryker HR folks are constantly wondering, out loud, why it is so hard to get good engineers in certain positions in MI.....wake up ! You lose any sensible human being with your ridiculous hiring wait time.