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St. Jude Medical Message Board

Jeff Rowe, MD Loves Nuvectra

6 days ago

Boston Scientific is so weak that they are vulnerable to takeover by Stryker. It has poor field support with SCS physician leaders walking running away!

The New #1 in Neuromodulation

2 weeks ago

Yes she is. No class over there and nothing but class here. All the worthless stock options in the world couldn't get me to go work for that woman.

St. Jude Medical Layoffs

3 months ago

SJM/ABT NMD sales layoffs. MDT and Nevro are hitting the business hard lately.

St. Jude NMD Sunshine Act starring KB and Deer

4 months ago

That's chump change/vacation money to take his mistresses on a vacay here and there. Seriously, I make more than that a MONTH LOL

St. Jude Medical ICD's Are A Ticking Time Bomb

7 months ago

Why did it take so long for St. Jude to alert this patient about a potentially failing battery?

The letter went on to say that "the likelihood that this will impact your health is low, as the vast majority of devices have not experienced Premature Battery Depletion". Yet. Two deaths "may have been" associated with the faulty battery, but this statement was not reassuring. St. Jude announced the recall in October 2016 but Marisa didn't find out until Christmas Eve, and only by getting the St. Jud…

Heart Patient Fears for Her Life Living with Recalled St. Jude Pacemaker

When Marisa received an “Important Medical Device Advisory” letter from St. Jude Medical announcing that her implantable cardiac defibrillator may contain batteries that could run out sooner than expected, she was concerned, to say the least. Since she was 12 years old, Marisa, age 31, has depended upon a pacemaker to keep her alive.


8 months ago

Take it if you get it. They could be the next big thing in NMD.

Would you use a St. Jude or Nevro Spinal Cord Stimulator?

8 months ago

That's fine. I'll take selling Proclaim Elite and the iPod Touch all day over having to sell Senza. The technology is ok but their leadership is built on a house of cards.

Unethical Selling Practices of St. Jude Medical SCS Reps

8 months ago

"Calling patients directly and trying to get them to upgrade to the newest device"

You do realize patients actually appreciate this? Some of the best reps in SCS are the ones who are comfortable working with patients. Like everything, some will take it too far but they would be the minority. Patients want to get support from the reps. Go look at SCS patient forums and you'll notice there are a lot of posts from patients who are pissed at the rep. A good rep can leave a very positive or negative …

St. Jude SCS sales rep

8 months ago

I am interested in the same....insight on working for STJ in chronic pain/ SCS. No sugar coating. I've already read a bunch of other posts and boards but hoping for a bit more value and less bs. The recruiter did say reps are making over 200k but I do not believe it. Real numbers would be great.

St. Jude SCS customer likes a little wanky wanky

10 months ago

Police have arrested a doctor and believe he's the serial flasher many residents have been reporting about on social media.

Dr. Reginald Newsome, 38, was arrested Wednesday. He had already posted bond and was released from the Dallas County jail by 12:30 a.m. Thursday.

Dr. Newsome is a spine doctor in Dallas, according to the iSpine website.

Residents in Deep Ellum came together earlier this month to out neighborhood problems and criminal suspects on social media.

One of the most active campaigns t…