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Patterson Dental Supply Message Board

Sales Force Realingment

4 weeks ago

This sums it all up -

What is the state of affairs at your branch?

How many CERECs have been sold in your branch this past year? More or less than last year?

How many SIRONA 3D machines? More or less than last year?

Have you gained new merchandise accounts?

Is your branch up in merchandise or overall sales?

Are you able to process as many orders in the same amount of time on SAP as you did in eMagine?

Does your branch have more or fewer reps employed than a year ago?

How many people at your branch are…

Patterson Dental Layoffs

4 weeks ago

Walchirk can't figure out how to run one business, let alone another one. This will not happen.


3 months ago

Does DM think it is a weird time to launch Fuse when we can't even get our ERP platform to work? How are customers supposed to believe we can come up with a practice management system if we can't even get our internal one to work?

This sums up the Patterson Dental Culture

4 months ago

All of St. Paul is scared about layoffs so they complain to whoever will listen. Animal Health is the safest place to be right now.

Patterson, Benco Dental and Henry Schein Sued by the Feds for Denying Discounts

5 months ago

Either Patterson knows their time is coming or they're incredibly stupid. Why else would they distort pricing and illegally restrain competition?

Benco, Henry Schein and Patterson are accused of conspiring to restrain competition by refusing to provide discounts small and solo dental practices. Buying groups can't even get the discounts for these practices.

Hey geniuses, why do you think this business is in decline and customers are finding other ways to get product? Amazon for one.

Patterson Dental news

8 months ago

When will Patterson be broken up?

8 months ago

There are so many rumors at Patterson. Just change the name already. Unbelievable.

Non Compete

8 months ago

One of the few positives of working for Patterson.