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How is Scott Holstine's leadership style?

5 days ago

You are clueless if you think sales are the problem with Nuvectra,
The problem with Nuvectra is all Engineering and Operations.

1) Supply Chain Management: including engineering to resolve obsolescence, supplier issues etc.

2) Engineering to support a currently released product with reliability improvement, support CAPA and obsolescence design changes mention in (1).

3) Quality Assurance to support the field. Complaints handling. Failure Analysis.

4) Regulatory and Clinical.


Is Nuvectra stock a good buy?

1 week ago

Can someone help me understand why our stock was down so much today? Lol. Nevro had the bad news, not us! Maybe someone fired Holstine and it hasn't been announced yet??!?

You're all wrong

2 weeks ago

No the threat is not real. Their engineering and supply chain/operations are so terribly mismanaged there is no hope. Maybe they should have hired a CEO with actual experience running a device company, not just a sales force.

Nuvectra History

2 weeks ago

Their proprietary Stimulation ASIC which allows for rock solid, highly accurate constant current signal. It results in a high conversion rate from trial to perm and it works well for patients.

Their stretchy leads are also well designed.

Their implant and leads have a great design despite the naysayers, Once they fix the peripherals and get MRI it will be tough for them to not grow exponentially.

Virtis Sacral Neuromodulation System

2 weeks ago

I thought the same thing ... prob trying to divert from negative news. It did nothing for the stock.

Algovita Revenue

3 months ago

You won't be this confident when Nevro fires you in 18 months. Have fun working for Jimbo!


3 months ago

We will get plenty of cases. Docs love NuDISCOUNTtra. They are all cheap fucks trying to bleed every dollar in-office and in their surgery centers. Don't hate the player

Nuvectra has the same amount of explants (or more)

3 months ago

All stim companies have explants. Som just don't report all of them. I think around 6% of all implants are explanted, regardless of brand.

Drees and Holstine Are The Problem

4 months ago

CEO?? He's the VP of Sales but probably thinks he should have Drees job. Guy fucked up Flowonix really good. He's a legend and all recruiters other than Scott Hayden steer people away from that shithole.

Flowonix Lawsuit

5 months ago

Not surprised. They will receive the karma coming their way when they least expect it