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In our drive to help people in the medical sales industry we are gathering salary data. This information will be collated, analyzed and number crunched. Medtechy’s overall goal is to help the medical sales industry make more informed decisions when changing jobs and also keep employers and recruiters honest

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Nuvectra Message Board


2 hours ago

We will get plenty of cases. Docs love NuDISCOUNTtra. They are all cheap fucks trying to bleed every dollar in-office and in their surgery centers. Don’t hate the player

Algovita Revenue

3 days ago

You don't know what you're talking about. Yes the guarantee runs out but you have spent an entire year building your business while on guarantee. If you are doing your job the right way you will equal what you were making in the first year. I love seeing all the fake news put out by our competitors because they're afraid of Algovita. But if that's what your management tells you to do, then go for it.

Nuvectra has the same amount of explants (or more)

2 weeks ago

All stim companies have explants. Som just don't report all of them. I think around 6% of all implants are explanted, regardless of brand.

You're all wrong

1 month ago

Thanks, I will let the shareholders know that appreciation in their stock should not be looked at favorably since it is only marketing hype. I guess I should let the patients know their pain relief is just marketing hype too and not to expect it to last much longer. I will be sure to send the memos out as soon as I get back from my two week vacation on Oahu and finish scheduling my oil change on my S-600. Have a blessed day!

Drees and Holstine Are The Problem

1 month ago

CEO?? He's the VP of Sales but probably thinks he should have Drees job. Guy fucked up Flowonix really good. He's a legend and all recruiters other than Scott Hayden steer people away from that shithole.

Nuvectra Algovita

1 month ago

Not a good rate of success, but at least they are reporting their failures. Given the information they did report, consumers and physicians can now make informed decisions regarding the use of Nuvectra's product. What about the companies that still neglect this reporting responsibility and put patients at risk by either hiding or turning a blind eye to their post market surveillance reporting obligations? FDA is proving they have about as much interest in going after these offenders as a cr…

Flowonix Lawsuit

2 months ago

Not surprised. They will receive the karma coming their way when they least expect it

Nuvectra or Nucrapta

3 months ago

Unattractive me are good in bed. Give the troll a chance

Hitler Holstine Destroys Nuvectra

3 months ago

Rowe should cuz he uses them a ton but if Pope did that was a waste of $$

Nuvectra Investor Presentations

4 months ago

two of the best in the business and primed to take us to $50M in ‘18. Buckle up and enjoy the ride before Stryker becomes our new daddy and meetings move to Kalamazoo.

Mainstay Medical

5 months ago

mainstay looks promising. Solid management team behind it