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Novadaq and Stryker partnership with TransEnterix

24 hours ago

I am a small investor in a robotic surgery company called Transenterix and they just received clearance for their surgical robot, called Senhance. The Transenterix CEO said they have a partnership with Stryker and Novadaq.

Would it be possible for one of your sales reps to explain what the partnership entails?

80 Reps Will Be Let Go ...

2 days ago

Willing? Probably not. If there out pushing upgrades to their existing customers (which amounts to over 3/4 of their overall business), they won't be pushing anything from Novadaq upfront. Their marketing breakout said the same thing. Push the 1588 unless someone specifically requests Novadaq and PinPoint. But if there are extra incentives to push the Novadaq products, that may be the difference.

Life at Novadaq

2 weeks ago

Ask Rick, Lori Swalm and Laurie Gesell about the Variability Index

Better Poll Question

2 weeks ago

do you think TT would care... he's walking with a lot of coin.., for being a miserable *****.

Show Language


2 weeks ago

100%. Or at least that's how many should be.

iSpies Attendance

3 weeks ago

The outcome sucks but you are probably right.

Why the Gossip?

1 month ago

How is any of this gossip? You basically agreed all this stuff is true.

Stay the same or 100% commission?

1 month ago

Of course Stryker would prefer reps leave before they're fully integrated.

Done Deal

1 month ago

This whole thing smells bad. Real bad. The lack of communication from Novadaq leadership has put us behind the curve and we're going to be out by January, if not sooner. The more you listen to them, the more you realize that all they have no desire to keep us around. I know the whole Atlantic region is packing up and leaving. Might want to see where they're going and see if there's room for us too.