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Novadaq Message Board

iSpies Attendance

1 week ago

I do think Stryker realized the value of iSpies after seeing the response from surgeons a couple of weeks ago. Also having Stryker involved gives us more reason to convince docs to come. It's not the old iSpies when Novadaq ran it. Stryker brings a lot to the table. Good on Stryker for investing in it and seeing the value.

Was Novadaq the Theranos equivalent of diagnostic imaging?

2 weeks ago

Agree. Interesting for sure and incredibly wrong. No sales rep every felt Novadaq's products didn't work. Most reps loved the products but sales management ruined the company before Stryker acquired the company.

80 Reps Will Be Let Go ...

2 months ago

Didn't say they'd shelve it but they certainly aren't going to use it's capabilities to their potential anytime soon.

But for a company as big as Stryker, it's not completely unthinkable that they'd rather pay to keep future technology out of the hands of a competitor. Given that, I'd love to see what their R&D and future strategy is for this because they sure didn't seem to have much of a plan when they made the acquisition.

Spy Kit Pricing

3 months ago

You are 100% correct which makes the entire acquisition questionable.

Arun Menawat Jumped Ship at Novadaq

4 months ago

He is CEO at Profound Medical. I have a feeling he is doing just fine and much happier since he left the mess that is Novadaq.

2018 comp plan

4 months ago

Lolz I wish I could do that well this year.

Stryker Marketing Is Great

6 months ago

Agree here. I think they were giving our marketing team credit and clowning on the people who almost ruined Novadaq.


7 months ago

Have no fear, Stryker will change that.

Stryker and Novadaq Meeting

7 months ago

The two cultures are vastly different. More will leave on their own and Stryker knows it. They won't have to have a massive sales layoff with legacy Novadaq reps. The great days of Novadaq are gone.

Your product's not that good

8 months ago

Nice analysis. Very frustrating that Stryker is going to let a very cool technology slowly die. What could have been.

Tom T is a...

9 months ago

have a new job! He has to stay on board through the end of January as laid out by his agreement. I don't and appreciate the severance money!