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Mimedx Message Board

What's it like being a sales rep at MiMedx?

1 day ago

Well all the bullies have been fired and everything that's been written over the last year is true. You can say anything you want and they can't say a thing. F off Parker!

Who's Next and What's to Come of MiMedx?

2 days ago

I love that they've all lost their stock. Not that it will be worth a penny but in their heads, that was the endgame. Now maybe they'll be using the last of their paychecks to pay for stuff at the commissary in prison.

Parker Petit Please Resign

3 days ago

Even better. Fired.

Mimedx Short Seller Channel Stuffing Lawsuit

1 month ago

Every sales rep at a medical device company need to realize that this is the reality of the industry. It's sad, but sales and stock price are all that matter. Most people won't stand up though, and executives know that. Mary did and she was removed. If you are in the industry, just know that this is the reality. You can accept it or stand up.

"After complaining for over a year about the different fraud and things going on in the field, I had the opportunity to sit down with all the executives…

Amniofix IS FDA Approved

1 month ago

Pete likes to argue similar points kind of like you...coincidence?

L2 Surgical, Next Health and MiMedx

1 month ago

This is a nice summary of what they're doing:

Why isn't there any Open Payment data for Mimedx?

1 month ago

You are 100% right and thank you for the explanation. And you are also correct in saying this is a loophole. It's still shady though and certain MiMedx reps/management made it a point to remind customers of this loophole, thus sucking them into their vortex of paying physicians for using their product. Next, look how involved MiMedx became with one of the shadiest physician owned hospitals of all time, Forest Park Medical Center, in Dallas.

What MiMedx did was wrong. Plain and simple. It took a…

Mimedx Kicked Out of VA

2 months ago

Correct but there are a number of charges that will be handed down once they are "done building their case." The case isn't close to getting to where it will eventually end up.

More bad news for Mimedx, full details in WSJ article

2 months ago

I interviewed with this company 6 months ago for a sales position before I decided to move and didn't get a good feeling about it then. Glad I didn't accept the position. Even if half the claims above are true, Mimedx is a horrible shady company to work work

MiMedx Kicked out of Vegas Hospital

4 months ago

Was this a Vegas hospital?