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Medtronic Message Board

The Medtronic Spine Downfall

2 days ago

Well this time is different. Omar made it official with Mazor and is going all in on spine so you crybabies can't complain any longer. Omar has no excuses either. The big splash at NASS is only the start.

Medtronic Puerto Rico Recalls

4 days ago

The Juncos, Puerto Rico plant is responsible for manufacturing the ICDs that led to the recent recall. Talking heads say the hurricane last year isn't to blame. So what's the real story here? Potential arcing inside the device is a big deal and led to many being removed prophylactically. The FDA hasn't closed the issue either.

Try explaining this to a surgeon after the BSC rep came in an trashed us about the recall. Pulling product out of a hospital and explaining the situation to a customer is…

Medtronic Layoffs Message Board

2 weeks ago

Medtronic would be better served eliminating half of the hundreds of VP and middle management jobs. The word empty suits come to mind.

hugo robotic surgery system

2 weeks ago

Hugo will be at ORSI by year end. Carving up pigs and ******* cadavers with inferior technology to davinci robots from 2008. On track for a niche Chole and Appendectomy robot.

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How can I disable AirWatch location tracking on my iPad?

2 weeks ago

You guys are really dumb. Just use your own iPad for personal stuff and Medtronic's iPad for work. iPad's are so cheap now. Why would you risk your job by jacking with what Medtronic has installed on THEIR device?

Selling against Nevro

2 weeks ago

Your confusion is typical and no explanation is necessary, peon. Most visionaries are persecuted for their brilliance, and Rami is no different. He is the Steve Jobs of device and Nevro will be the Apple of SCS.

Medtronic CEO Compensation

3 weeks ago

Gorsky from JNJ makes around $21 million and he runs a $77 billion company. Medtronic is ~$30 million and Omar made $19 million. It looks like a lot of that came from stock incentives though. Otherwise I would consider him being overpaid based on Medtronic's revenue when compared to JNJ. I would have to see what he is set to make this year but I would guess it is less than what he made last year.

Surgical Synergy

1 month ago

Would someone mind sharing what the Surgical Synergy strategy is in RTG?

GI Capital position - looking for information - good/bad/ugly

1 month ago

The capital process is a lot of work but there is no reason you shouldn't hit close to 200k if you're doing all the right activities to drive a sale. If you've sold capital before, you know it can take a bit of time to move the business and you'll need to deal with the hospital budgeting process, constant follow-up, get surgeon champions....all the things you've done before to develop the market. This is a very good job if you can get it.