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Medtronic Message Board

Nevro Senza vs. Medtronic

13 hours ago

Neuromodulation marketshare by Q4 '18. Read it and wheep:

  1. Abbott
  2. Boston
  3. Medtronic
  4. Nevro (Senza ll moves Nevro into #2 in Q4 '18)
  5. Nuvectra
  6. Axionics
  7. Neuros

The Medtronic Spine Downfall

2 days ago

Hello, I have searched in the local Memphis papers and haven't been able to come across any news of the layoffs. Would someone mind sharing the specifics of what happened and what positions were affected? No names are necessary.

Medtronic Restructuring Update

2 days ago

it means that Shitrak still has no clue how to grow a market leader and will continue to focus on maintaining the bottom line via layoffs and cost cutting to barely maintain stock price & market confidence

Medtronic Layoffs Message Board

2 days ago

Patient Monitoring is closing by June. Employees in San francisco and Philadelphia laid off.

Medtronic Presentation at Morgan Stanley Global Healthcare Brokers Conference

4 days ago

well. It's three years later and the former Covidien has been slashed to a limp, impotent shadow of its former self. Ethicon, intuitive along with niche players are taking away dramatic share. Soon it will be too apparent to bury in the numbers.

Medtronic Layoffs = Big Score For Shareholders

2 weeks ago

this post is indicative of just one more small-minded ******** who has no understanding of corporate structure, hardage might as well be potus in this idiots mind

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Omar and consolidation

2 weeks ago

Get into corporate accounts and stay there. No loyalty as a front-line sales rep at Medtronic.

hugo robotic surgery system

3 weeks ago

Intuitive is crushing it in general surgery, with procedures growing over 30% last year. It's their fastest growing specialty by a landslide. Other smaller companies are trying to capture market but Intuitive is so big it's almost impossible for them to get systems in a hospital unless they are for free or as a study. Yes, Medtronic has crazy pricing power but I don't think it will matter unless the product is significantly better or cheaper. Unless you know something more, no one knows if it w…

New Medtronic Paid Family Leave Benefits

3 weeks ago

Omar sure is nice to give all of these benefits to employees and their families but be so willing to order major layoffs without concern for our families.

The Medtronic Family Care Leave benefit allows up to six weeks of time away from work. For birth mothers, this benefit is in addition to maternity benefits; when combined with accrued paid time off, a new mother may be on leave for up to 18 weeks and paid at 100 percent for the full leave.

Heartware continues to be a terrible investment for Medtronic

3 weeks ago

Forgive the potentially stupid question (investor) but will HeartWare be affected at all by the proposed reimbursement reduction by CMS or will that just affect Abiomed?