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Medtronic Message Board


1 day ago

You haven't heard of a non-compete?

Product also needs to be approved and commercialized before it can be sold.

Medtronic Hiring Freeze

3 days ago

The talk of a hiring freeze is kind of funny. I don't think any current field reps care if there is a so-called "hiring freeze" when we consistently see Medtronic trying to reduce the field through voluntary attrition. How crazy is that. Hiring managers have a hard time filling open positions and at the same time reps are being forced out because their goals are too high. What a world we live in!

Flowonix vs Medtronic

4 days ago

Everyone interested in Medtronic Synchromed range of pumps please check this Youtube video titled "The Synchromed Pump. How the deaths, pain, and suffering would have been prevented?". This video allows you, the viewer, to made aware of the horrifying discovery that as early as 1998, Medtronic had already known about the numerous dangerous risk events and side effects which have since resulted in the many deaths, injuries, and health complications associated with the use of its range of Synchro…

Selling against Nevro

1 week ago

There are so many ex Medtronic reps trying to get away from Nevro and back in their old jobs. Their CEO won't hire a new VP but is hiring new regionals and directors so he can control them. This business is crazy competitive right now with a lot of good products. I'm happy I never made the move to nevro after seeing what they have become.

hugo robotic surgery system

2 weeks ago

The only thing known is that Hugo will compete with Intuitive and target laparoscopic abdominal surgery. You have inside info that proves more? How else would you know that the tech won't be as good as 2008 da Vinci? Medtronic is well financed. Wouldn't they want to get it right and not launch until the tech is at least comparable to current technology?

Medtronic RTG Layoffs

2 weeks ago

I do not believe it's policy. While another BU is still technically within Medtronic, they are basically a completely different company. The only difference is benefits and your email address. Hiring managers don't want to hire from outside their BU because the ramp up to train someone from the outside is so much greater than an internal candidate. Sucks but that's what I have seen.

Medtronic Disables CareLink Updates

1 month ago

Get ready for pissed off customers who have to deal with the 34,000 patients with CareLink affected programmers. Those patients will have to receive an update over USB from their doctor when new software is released.

Medtronic Interstim

1 month ago

In everyone's opinion, what is the biggest reason for the downfall of this division?

To the OP, how can this division be in a downfall when they have 100% marketshare????

Medtronic Evolut Deaths

1 month ago

"Non surgical", huh? Is this really the type of marketing you encourage customers to use to attract patients?