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Job Listings

Medtronic plant layoffs

2 days ago

Merry Christmas is right. What an asshole move Omar.

Flowonix vs Medtronic

5 days ago

Why would Flowonix make Dr. Kloster their highest paid customer??

Beginning last summer, Hancock and his lawyer filed a series of complaints of poor patient care against Kloster with the hospitals where he works, with the medical licensing boards of Kansas and Missouri, even with the attorneys general and governors of the two states.

And in the letters to the attorneys general, Hancock pushed for action against Kloster, making the startling allegation that Kloster was practicing so far below the …

When doctors divorce, the breakup can be as messy as a marital split

When doctors divorce, the breakup can be as messy as a marital split

Medtronic Diabetes T1D Facebook Troll

1 week ago

The local Tandem rep has to hate me by now because I'm constantly questioning if their company is going to go out of business. All my customers know they have a .45 stock price. Some call it dirty but I call it smart. That's how Northridge rolls....

Nevro Senza vs. Medtronic

1 week ago

Nevro vs. this for real?

Medtronic is bottom of the barrel in scs.

MRI access and name recognition are the only reason doctors still use them. That and their reps troll patient forums and bad mouth competing systems.

Thanks for nothing

1 week ago

Fernando could not care less about the 185 manufacturing workers being let go. He just reads his script.

Medtronic ENT Salesforce Structure

2 weeks ago

Medtronic's idea of innovation is the straightshot M5. The company should have sold us when they had a chance.

Medtronic enters robotic market with Mazor

3 weeks ago

Why would Medtronic or Mazor care when those 25 year olds are doing just fine. Sales continue to explode which means more 25 year olds will be hired to run your cases.