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Job Listings

Medtronic RTG - Restorative Therapies Group

3 hours ago

RTG currently consists of:

  1. Spine & Biologics (Sofamor Danek),
  2. Pelvic Health & Gastro
  3. Ear, Nose & Throat (Xomed)
  4. Pain Therapies
    1. Stimulation
    2. Targeted Drug Delivery (Drug Pump)
    3. Interventional
  5. Brain Therapies
    1. Enabling Technologies (Surgical Navigation)
    2. Neurosurgical Technologies (Advanced Energy, tissue ablation)
    3. CSF Management & Critical Care (Hydrocephalus, and Neuro-Critical Care)
    4. Brain Modulation
    5. Neurovascular

Puerto Rico

15 hours ago

Funny how Abbott / St. Jude have operations in Puerto Rico and they haven't complained once. But hey, it was a believable and convenient excuse. Well played.

Nevro Senza vs. Medtronic

2 days ago

Go batteryless all together with wireless from Stimwave. Cool concept!

Early Technologies Associate Sales Rep

6 days ago

You are an entry level rep and they wait for turnover in your division and then plug you in

If you are young and willing to relocate then this could be a great entry into devices.

Cheaty Cheaty Bang Bang

6 days ago

That's what they get for pushing their luck. It's not the first time they've done something like that, it's just the first time they got caught.

Medtronic enters robotic market with Mazor

1 week ago

Omar would save a ton of money for Medtronic if he would go ahead and pull the trigger on a Mazor acquisition.

Mazor Robotics Received 22 System Orders During Q3 2017; Expects to Report Record Quarterly Revenue

Mazor Robotics Ltd. , a pioneer and a leader in the field of surgical robotic systems, expects to report record revenue of approximately $17.2 million for the third quarter ended September 30, 2017.

Super D versus Veran SPiN.

2 weeks ago

SuperD has years of evidence with a minimally invasive approach. Veran is an expendsive way of doing a mediocre job at TTNA, which is done much better in IR. If Veran needs to be purchased soon or they will run out of money.

Medtronic Diabetes

2 weeks ago

Doesn't JNJ realize those patients won't be able to get product from Medtronic because their supply chain is also screwed up?

Medtronic Robotic Surgery Platform

2 weeks ago

Not from the U.S. unless I'm missing something.

Material revenue from India alone? Not likely. The country is poor.

Medtronic Layoffs Message Board

3 weeks ago

Omar be a man and answer some of these posts. You screwed up big time closing Joliet. Man up and stop the closing. Admit you were wrong. 180 people are out of jobs now because of you and you still can't get it right. You should be ashamed of yourself.

You are probably going to sell it anyway. Can't admit defeat.

Medtronic / Covidien PB 980 Ventilator

4 weeks ago

This announcement from Australia has nothing to do with the FDA or the U.S. market so why does it matter?

Medtronic ENT is the Best Around

1 month ago

I did see a couple of courtesy visits by surgeons to see the big hunk of metal.