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Medtronic Message Board

Company car choice

11 hours ago

Medtronic is not about sick days or vacation days. They are about case coverage. You get a car allaownce. Depending on how much debt you want to get into, pick any car you want.

Medtronic RTG Layoffs

2 days ago

Terrible. So sorry. What role were you in that you had to train replacements in the Philippines? I would think if you were laid off to be replaced with cheaper labor then Medtronic had to give you a package....? Either way GIS is turning into a nightmare.

Cheaty Cheaty Bang Bang

5 days ago

Why do people have to corrupt the site with this type of trash. There are so many scumbags that are haters out here because of nothing more than pure jealousy. If you are not happy with yourself, get help. If you are not happy with someone else, ignore them. If you know they have wronged or hurt someone or have participated in illegal conduct, report their sorry asses to the FDA and DOJ and/or their department of labor.

hugo robotic surgery system

5 days ago

Verb cannot lap Hugo if Verb does not have a product out. At least Medtronic is giving investors updates on what they have in the works. More than I can say for Verb.

Medtronic Layoffs Message Board

2 weeks ago

No word but bracing for the worst. Spine has been one of the worst performing divisions for what seems like forever. The company is investing in Spine but sales are not there. Letting employees go is the way Medtronic does it.

Nevro Senza vs. Medtronic

2 weeks ago

I just had a doc switch from Nevro to Intellis!


Medtronic Integrated Health Soultions

2 weeks ago

Omar did use the words "Universal Healthcare" in a recent talk. Is he trying to make those off the bad word list?

Medtronic Diabetes

3 weeks ago

Medtronic customer service is like a train crash. Make some changes Medtronic!

Flowonix vs Medtronic

3 weeks ago

The total Bill for a 15 minute install was $200,000 in Missouri still have the flowonix pump in me and still paying on it and it was recalled and doesn't even relieve the pain

Medtronic Robotic Surgery Platform

4 weeks ago

Great point by this guy from another thread -

"...that's a fairly complicated system with multiple computers being put together...." Well said, Omar. Was that comment directly from the Corporate Communications VP?

Medtech[y] | hugo robotic surgery system

This can't be the robotic system name we will go head-to-head with da Vinci? Hiring in CT and CO locations now......