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Intuitive Surgical Message Board

The Bleeding Edge Documentary on Netflix

5 days ago

Absolutely not, that's a manipulation from the industry. Companies need more doctors doing more procedures for increased sales and not what's be for the patients. Inferior surgeons aren't made better, they're just harming more patients at a greater rate than before.

RIP, Jim Alecxih

1 week ago

Lol, is this a damage control post? JA was just canned at Nevro this morning!!

Intuitive Surgical News

2 weeks ago

Intuitive is proud to announce @US_FDA clearance of our 60mm stapler, SureForm 60.

Intuitive Surgical Aggressively Marketing da Vinci Robot

2 weeks ago

All this yapping for years and nothing has changed. Intuitive has continued to change the world of surgery with the da vinci by making surgery safer and hopefully one day you will realize that a couple of bad surgeons won't change that. There are bad surgeons who don't use the da vinci and there are bad surgeons who are less bad with it. Take your money and go away because Intuitive isn't.

Intuitive merging with Medtronic

1 month ago

Is this the same person at CNBC who started the Boston Scientific/Stryker rumor?

Your da Vinci is too expensive

2 months ago

The cognitive dissonance of "robotic surgeons" regarding the increased cost and negligible clinical benefit of daVinci is astounding. I was talking to a general surgeon recently who was absolutely certain that a robotic chole has a higher reimbursement than a laparoscopic chole. I hated to burst his bubble, but I don't think he really cared.

Meanwhile, every other device in the OR is scrutinized and squeezed for every last penny. It will be interesting to see what changes, if any, will occ…

Can TransEnterix dethrone Intuitive Surgical in the robotic surgery race?

3 months ago

This video shows how hard it is going to be for competitors to get traction against Intuitive.

Intuitive Surgical Competitors Coming

3 months ago

Is Guthart's fear of competition why he just sold $16,377,508.32 of ISRG stock?

Intuitive's da Vinci Kills People

4 months ago

Could someone please tell me what the possible complications from the DAVINCI system, right upper lobectomy may be? (Other than the obvious, infection, etc..) Had a small adenocarcinoma, stage 1A in my upper right lobe. Lobe was removed. Lung collapsed twice. Once in surgery, and the second time was the day I was to have been discharged. Routine chest film taken at 5am the day of discharge showed right lung collapsed. However, medical personnel didn't respond or inform me until 11:30 am. Spen…


5 months ago

Is the ESPP program still available to new employees?

Prepping Customers for TransEnterix SurgiBot Approval

6 months ago

How many systems did TransEnterix sell last quarter? Yea, that's what I thought. Maybe 1 was dropped off to be part of a study. Doubtful there was any revenue attached to it.