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Job Listings

Nick Freeman Part IV

1 year ago

He's working in Houston as the VP of sometime ragtime company, no?

Amazing? If you sell off label it can be.

1 year ago

Personally I think things are getting better and the culture is back to being strong. A number of reps had a problem with a certain manager who is no longer here and the fact that he is gone has been a positive. This is just my take though...

The Kiss of Death

1 year ago

Cost is an issue for sure. Crusting is accepted by most of the customers and a smokescreen for the others.

Intersect PROPEL Frontal Indication

1 year ago

Same. Nothing different than before. The only way to make money is by getting new docs on board and stocking the shelves.

Intersect ENT Earnings thoughts

1 year ago

27% growth for a company at this stage is garbage. The street expects more like 45-50%. Next stop, $10.

Intersect ENT Management Salary

1 year ago

Look, I do not believe that Lisa and her management team base company decisions because of something said on this message board but I know for a fact it is read on a regular basis.