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In our drive to help people in the medical sales industry we are gathering salary data. This information will be collated, analyzed and number crunched. Medtechy’s overall goal is to help the medical sales industry make more informed decisions when changing jobs and also keep employers and recruiters honest

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Intersect ENT Message Board

New High for the Stock!

2 months ago

Nothing more than profit taking because the stock has crushed it over the last two years. If you look it is back up to where it was before the sell-off.

Intersect Outlook

3 months ago

Honestly, everything you heard is true. The management team is rock solid and so are the products. The product they started out with isn't even going to be their biggest product by the end of next year. That's the sign of a good company.

Medtronic is Officially a Competitor

3 months ago

I heard a random rumor from a customer tied in with Medtronic and he said they are exploring the sale of their ENT division. He said Stryker was interested. Don't shoot the messenger!

Note to Management: Reasons Many Are Leaving

5 months ago

I disagree. Sorry this guy left and was unhappy but you don't see much negativity on this board besides this post because reps are happy at Intersect. Good products and solid management with a start up feel. Very tough to beat these days.

Intersect ENT National Sales Meeting

5 months ago

I'd bet money this guy isn't here anymore. More products have come and the meeting was great. On to another great year.

Keep Stocking Those Shelves Intersect ENT

7 months ago

Who cares just open another box and drop it on the floor $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$


9 months ago

I think this is where DS went. Do not know anything else about them.