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In our drive to help people in the medical sales industry we are gathering salary data. This information will be collated, analyzed and number crunched. Medtechy’s overall goal is to help the medical sales industry make more informed decisions when changing jobs and also keep employers and recruiters honest

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Career Advice/ Skeletons in my closet

4 days ago

I'm a manager in the device industry and I had never heard this before until one of my peers said that he encourages his reps to go out and buy nice things. His thinking is that they have to work harder to pay for all of this ****. Personally I don't subscribe to this thinking but I guess it makes sense if you want to treat your reps like dogs.

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Where to have resume redone?

4 days ago

I would like to pay to have someone redo my resume that will do better at it than I will. Can you please respond with some solid leads for someone good and knows the med device industry well?


What are my chances of getting into med sales?

2 weeks ago

Selling copiers does seem like a weird background for a medical device or pharma company to hire from but there are a lot of reasons why it is smart.

The sales training that most copier companies use is top notch. They focus on managing a territory, spin selling, role plays, etc. The thought from many medical sales companies is they can hire reps who have been really well trained in sales but don't come in thinking they know how to sell in the operating room or to physicians. It's pretty smart b…

Stop the Challenger Rep talk

1 month ago

I think the point of your post is to never let your manager come in town for a field ride.

FDA Cracking down on Juule vape pen

2 months ago

Nex Medical Solutions

2 months ago

Nex has a position open in Chicago. Any info about the legitimacy of this position??