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Depuy Synthes Ortho Message Board

Depuy Attune Tibial Loosening

1 week ago

Look deeper....why else would big distributors and long time Depuy guys leave if they didn't sense something was coming down the pike? They have too much business in place and leaving would be stupid. Unless they know there is a bigtime Attune lawsuit coming. There is no other reason why so many long-timers would leave.

Something Big Going Down Soon?

2 weeks ago

Why else would big distributors and reps constantly leave on a monthly basis?

Do the reps and distributors know something? Lawsuit, a complete shift in Depuy's sales model?

There is definitely smoke....

No Need for Mako and other Robots

2 weeks ago

I love how Gorsky and the Depuy execs think they're smarter than the rest of the market. Try hitting the field with old technology when everyone else is talking about robots and see how it works out for ya.

We don't have robots but we have ok products and stellar bundled pricing....hahaha

So in the meantime without a robot, how can J&J DePuy Synthes woo hospitals and knee surgeons, some of whom are part of Medicare's mandatory 90-day bundled payment program called the Comprehensive Care for Joi…

The robotic have-not: How J&J plans to woo hospitals, knee surgeons

As the buzz around robotics grows, J&J 's DePuy Synthes is touting the clinical and economic evidence tied to its non-robotic knee platform to help hospitals navigate the bundled payments era, but will that sway them?

Depuy to acquire Wright Medical

1 month ago

This rumor is so old. As a Depuy rep, why would I want to sell more below average products? Get me something good to sell and we can talk.

Smith & Nephew Poaching Reps

2 months ago

SNN has to throw money at reps because their Hip & Knee marketshare is so low. Smart move IMO!

Depuy Spine sales attrition

2 months ago

Do you consider an insane amount of reps leaving for Smith & Nephew attrition?

Attune S Plus

2 months ago

Only because it's too soon. You know they will though...

Depuy Synthes Layoffs

3 months ago

I'd put money on Zimmer closing down in Warsaw before Depuy ever does.

Depuy Attune use in Ireland

5 months ago

More like the Depuy employees in Ireland are just doing the right thing and reporting. Something you don't see here in the states.