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Boston Scientific Message Board

Urology restructuring (again)

1 week ago

Yea, I hear the NxThera reps that came over during the acquisition are being forced out. Some already left but Boston plans on using their own reps.

Scott Dotson

2 weeks ago

Original Poster is either one of three people: 1) A Boston rep who is upset that they didn't promote him/her and instead kept it within the NxThera group or 2) a very jealous/stalker ex of Scott's girl or 3) a stalker who is obsessed with Scott. Regardless, this post is hilarious and childish. Dotson is a good dude who works hard didn't deserve this. My money is on #2 or 3......

Boston Scientific M&A is on Fire

2 weeks ago

If Mike Mahoney was an NFL GM, he would be the best in entire league. He and the executive team have been on fire in the last two years.

Here is the list of company's acquired in 2018:

  • NxThera
  • Augmenix
  • Veniti
  • Claret Medical
  • Cryterion Medical
  • nVision
  • Securus
  • EMcision
  • Millipede

I think that is the entire list of acquisitions in 2018. What company do you think is the next target?

Boston Scientific Layoffs

3 weeks ago

And last quarter growth was over 30% because of WaveWriter. If sales growth is so positive then why doesn't Mahoney put his foot down and find jobs within BSC for the displaced employees?

I wish they would actually do the right thing one time instead of talking about how well they treat their employees. It always come down to the dollars and cents.

Did Boston Scientific Pay Too Much For Asthmatx?

4 weeks ago

Pulmonary is finally being dissolved and it confirms that BT should never have been bought. The company was never committed to the space and Mahoney even admitted he knew nothing about Pulmonary.

Shady Boston Scientific SCS Market Development

4 weeks ago

Why the need to act shady BSC? Now you're using robocalls to try and get potential patients to attend seminars to learn about Spectra WaveWriter?

The account is not happy at all. Way to lose another customer doing using shady business practices.

BSX sues Nevro

2 months ago

Why waste time and money fighting Nevro when you can just sit back and watch it self-implode? Rami has crippled the sales organization to the point that their board should be considering all options. One option might be a sale to BSX, making expensive litigation pointless. The drama at Nevro is only just beginning....

Boston Scientific Neuromodulation

3 months ago

These internet lists crack me up. Were sales reps included in the survey because I cannot see my sales manager approving paternity leave for me!

60 Minutes runs story on Boston Scientific pelvic mesh

4 months ago

because he knowingly smuggled counterfeit materials from China, which led to serious injuries & the death of patients

Boston Scientific DBS

5 months ago

all upside and bsc grabbed many of the top performing Mdt DBS reps.