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Boston Scientific Message Board

JNJ Coming

2 weeks ago

Which pieces of JNJ would BSX be interested in? I doubt that any transaction would take place between these 2 companies.

Boston Scientific Endoscopy

2 weeks ago

EMcision acquisition a good thing? I don't know a thing about the Habib EndoHP.

BSX sues Nevro

3 weeks ago

The judge is pissed at Boston -

The judge denied Boston's motion to reconsider his prior denial of the redaction bid because "Boston Scientific has again requested to seal information without a legitimate basis," he wrote in a Feb. 15 order.

"Most egregiously, Boston Scientific has requested that the court seal parts of an email that could constitute evidence that Boston Scientific intended to copy Nevro's technologies (as well as the technologies of other companies)," Chhabria wrote, citing an e…

Judge turns tables, chastises Boston Scientific lawyers in Nevro patent spat

Lawyers for Boston Scientific (NYSE:BSX) took their turns in the hot water as part of a patent infringement battle with neurostimulation rival Nevro (NYSE:NVRO). Back in October 2017, Judge Vince Chhabria of the U.S. District Court for Norther California found that, although the Nevro attorneys’ failure to correct a patent examiner’s misunderstanding of prior art was a little “sleazy,” […]

Millipede Investment with Option to Acquire

2 months ago

The $90 million investment in Millipede for the Iris Transcatheter Annuloplasty Ring System could be huge and glad to see Mahoney's commitment to the valve space. Sure there have been some setbacks with LOTUS but the commitment is there. Iris helps stick with the least invasive approach which will be important as the market expands. Overall a pretty cool technology.

"We saw an opportunity to bring the gold-standard surgical approach to repairing the mitral valve to an underserved population of …

Boston Scientific Neuromodulation

2 months ago

  1. Medtronic
  2. Boston
  3. Nevro (Senza ll moves Nevro into #2 in '18)
  4. Abbott
  5. Nuvectra
  6. Bioness

Heart Stents Fail to Ease Chest Pain. How Will Boston Scientific Be Impacted?

3 months ago

More evidence that stents may not be what they're cracked up to be --

Boston Scientific Layoffs

3 months ago

I honestly think they screwed up by not buying Nevro. They had a shot and couldn't get it done. Now they are public and the price is out of their range.

Boston Scientific Neuromodulation Field Clinical Rep

4 months ago

Growing industry and there are no shortage of companies you could go work for if BSC doesn't work out. You can also stick it out and move up to a full line rep if you do well. Just know you will be a grunt and end up dealing with more patients than you ever would want to. The reps use you to do the dirty work for them.

I say take the job though. BSC is focusing on the SCS market and putting money into the division.

Alair results for asthma

4 months ago

at least this technology brought in a new kind of bsc rep.