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Acclarent Message Board

Trudi 3D -what are your thoughts on this product

1 week ago

Is this your first week in med device sales?

No ENT surgeon worthy of doing surgery needs image guidance to get into a frontal sinus however if its available to them why should they resist technology?

Your problem is that although image guidance is new to your company and you are all excited about that, most ENT's can care less that you can track your balloon and nothing else


2 weeks ago

JnJ should have beg Fortive to buy Acclarent but perhaps Forgive can sense Acclarent is even more of a **** than ASP.

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2 weeks ago

We are still at the bar running up the tab. Terra and Greg


1 month ago

Will this track cyclops and your ethmoid punch?

$1.1 Billion by 2020

2 months ago

in any case, what a ridiculous prediction.

Acclarent Area Director

3 months ago

The old hole in the pocket gag and now the prostrate guy. Very weird. I wonder if Laura works there at NxThera now? Check the other pocket to see

Who was that guy with the huuuge head?

3 months ago

I noticed Terra"s Head was starting to look just like his and she sucks up a bar tab just as bad

The Entellus Empire Strykers Back

3 months ago

You have to be joking? Ha. The entire Acclarent sales team would love to sell our products. Unfortunately for you, you are stuck selling the same boring product line you have been selling for the last six years. You are the dark side sir.

Olympus going to acquire Acclarent

4 months ago

what a dud. Maybe he can show you his video on bringing in the harvest. Is he Mormon


4 months ago

Why would a surgeon ever leave Entellus for Acclarent when Entellus can also include a Spirox Latera that will sit on the shelf unused?


5 months ago

The case is still alive and going. The judge did not throw it out.