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In our drive to help people in the medical sales industry we are gathering salary data. This information will be collated, analyzed and number crunched. Medtechy’s overall goal is to help the medical sales industry make more informed decisions when changing jobs and also keep employers and recruiters honest

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Acclarent Message Board

$1.1 Billion by 2020

2 days ago

the original proclamation was $1B by 2017. can't recall when it changed to 2020. prolly when jnj told us stratus had to be catalog only.

Who was that guy with the huuuge head?

5 days ago

I noticed Terra"s Head was starting to look just like his and she sucks up a bar tab just as bad


7 days ago

This guy is saying Acclarent is being shopped...but we already knew that.

Medtech[y] | J&J Layoffs

CSS doesn't fit into the long-term strategy of where J&J is going in terms of maintaining at least 4% growth. There will have to be more than just layoffs in order for J&J to fix what's broken here. BWI is a keeper for J&J, and BWI is already physically separate from the rest of CSS with their own buildings…

The Entellus Empire Strykers Back

7 days ago

You have to be joking? Ha. The entire Acclarent sales team would love to sell our products. Unfortunately for you, you are stuck selling the same boring product line you have been selling for the last six years. You are the dark side sir.


2 weeks ago

Still better than working for Acclarent and Jeff.

Acclarent Area Director

3 weeks ago

Can you check in my pocket to see it you get the job

Off Label Marketing

3 weeks ago

Are you and Melana friends? When you can't sell you look for the opportunity to whistleblow or sue?

Olympus going to acquire Acclarent

3 weeks ago

what a dud. Maybe he can show you his video on bringing in the harvest. Is he Mormon


1 month ago

Why would a surgeon ever leave Entellus for Acclarent when Entellus can also include a Spirox Latera that will sit on the shelf unused?


2 months ago

The case is still alive and going. The judge did not throw it out.

American Sinus Institute

2 months ago

Wasn't Dr. Honrubia a big Entellus user a couple of years back?

Now he is advertising the **** out of balloon sinuplasty and setup a website talking about his relationship with JNJ and Acclarent.

How much is Acclarent paying Honrubia?

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Balloon Sinuplasty - American Sinus Institute - San Antonio & Houston, TX

The American Sinus Institute specializes in Balloon Sinuplasty. Our physicians are Board Certified in Otolaryngology & committed to delivering quality care