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Theranos News

3 hours ago in Theranos board

Nevro Senza vs. Medtronic

13 hours ago in Medtronic board

Neuromodulation marketshare by Q4 '18. Read it and wheep:

  1. Abbott
  2. Boston
  3. Medtronic
  4. Nevro (Senza ll moves Nevro into #2 in Q4 '18)
  5. Nuvectra
  6. Axionics
  7. Neuros

Insightec seeks Parkinson’s indication in Japan for Exablate Neuro

2 days ago

Insightec said this week it submitted an application for pre-market approval to the Japanese Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency seeking an indication for its Exablate Neuro to treat advanced Parkinson’s Disease in patients suffering from mobility, rigidity or dyskinesia. The Israel-based company’s Exablate Neuro device uses high-intensity, focused ultrasound to thermally ablate targeted tissue, guided by continuous […]

The post Insightec seeks Parkinson’s indication in Japan for Exablate Neuro appeared first on MassDevice.

Intuitive Surgical News

2 days ago in Intuitive Surgical board

Ive been waitibg 7 years for my trial. Seems like it would benefit the lawyers to get the news out there, then maybe these guys would settle and stop messing around with those of us injured for life. Ive had 1 additiona; surgery as a result and 5 week long hosptal visitssurgeries as

Cancer Spinout

2 days ago in NxThera board

procept is going to make some sort of a splash in the surgical/BPH arena that will put the final nail into the PVP greenlight coffin....therefor BSC will be forced to buy Procept to remain the leaders in men's health and in the urology market as a whole. It's early, but I believe procept will start slow, and likely build into a stand alone product in an extremely busy surgical BPH market if the patient and physician experience is positive. My guess: 5 years, just like Urolift. Procept leaders w…

InspireMD wins regulatory nod in Ecuador for CGuard, MGuard

2 days ago

InspireMD (NYSE:NSPR) said this week it won regulatory approval in Ecuador for its CGuard embolic prevention system and MGuard Prime devices. The approval comes shortly after the company inked an exclusive distribution agreement with Ecuadorian medical device distributor Cardiobene, Israel-based InspireMD said. Both companies have worked together to secure regulatory approvals in the country, InspireMD added. “We […]

The post InspireMD wins regulatory nod in Ecuador for CGuard, MGuard appeared first on MassDevice.

The Medtronic Spine Downfall

2 days ago in Medtronic board

Hello, I have searched in the local Memphis papers and haven't been able to come across any news of the layoffs. Would someone mind sharing the specifics of what happened and what positions were affected? No names are necessary.

Life at Novadaq

2 days ago in Novadaq board

Please bring TT back. The lack of structure since he has been gone is a detriment to the entire sales team. I miss his pep talks and solid territory management advice. Let my voice be heard.

Medtech Association to host inaugural MedTechIDEAS Summit

2 days ago

The Medtech Association is hosting its inaugural MedTechIDEAS Summit on May 31 in Skaneateles Falls, N.Y. The event will take place at 11 a.m. until 5:30 p.m. at the Lodge at Welch Allyn. The MedTechIDEAS Summit is a quarterly conference series that presents a “big idea” in healthcare from an industry thought leaders while delivering competence-focused […]

The post Medtech Association to host inaugural MedTechIDEAS Summit appeared first on MassDevice.

Nuvectra vs. Nevro

2 days ago in Nevro board

Why the hate for reps talking trash? You do realize there is a lot of Nevro reps trashing other companies to customers talking about not reporting explants, etc. Why would we sit back and take it when your reps are literally all over the country talking about how good you are and how bad everyone else is?

PavMed subsidiary Lucid Dx inks licensing deal with Case Western Univ.

2 days ago

Pavmed (NSDQ:PAVM) subsidiary Lucid Diagnostics said today it finalized a licensing agreement with Case Western Reserve University to commercialize its EsoCheck non-invasive cell sampling device and DNA biomarker test. The New York-based company said that the EsoCheck device has been shown to effectively and accurately detect Barrett’s Esophagus, which is a precursor to the most common […]

The post PavMed subsidiary Lucid Dx inks licensing deal with Case Western Univ. appeared first on MassDevice.

Medtronic Restructuring Update

2 days ago in Medtronic board

it means that Shitrak still has no clue how to grow a market leader and will continue to focus on maintaining the bottom line via layoffs and cost cutting to barely maintain stock price & market confidence

Stryker Drug Testing Policy

2 days ago in Stryker board

the fact that you are comparing using a needle or pills to smoking pot is pathetic and laughable.


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