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Richard Johnson Brings Down TransEnterix

12 hours ago in TransEnterix board

when Richard Johnson (whose avatar on ST was a red corvette... notice a phallic trend developing there?) isn't masturbating in his mother's basement, he posts terrible fiction about transenterix online.

As a behavioral expert, I can only tell you that he is terribly attracted to Tod Pope, who spurned his advances.

Everything in this post is as valid and truthful as any post made by Rod *******, I mean Richard johnso

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Boston Scientific vs. Nevro

14 hours ago in Boston Scientific board

So true. The most satisfying aspect is that Nevro's struggles are all of their own making.

We live in a world in which data convey authority. But authority has a way of descending to certitude, and certitude begets hubris."

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Boston Scientific Restructuring Program

15 hours ago in Boston Scientific board

Layoff all the employees whose salaries are too high, & hire replacements at a far lower level with a tiny salary.

An employee making a $100k salary will be fired and replaced by a new hire making a $50k salary.

GE Healthcare closes out field inspection of Millennium radiation therapy systems

13 hours ago

GE Healthcare (NYSE:GE) said last week that it closed out a full field inspection of all of its Millenium MG, MC and Myosight nuclear medicine systems after an incident in which the system malfunctioned. The company said that in September, it received notice that the top detector on on of its Millenium MG nuclear medicine systems detached […]

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1 day ago in Medtronic board

You haven't heard of a non-compete?

Product also needs to be approved and commercialized before it can be sold.

Wireless SCS

1 day ago in Abbott board

Miles, if you are committed to SCS then get us a wireless device ASAP!

Stealthy vascular play Efemoral Medical raises $1m

14 hours ago

Stealthy medtech startup Efemoral Medical has raised $1 million in a new round of equity financing, according to a recently posted SEC filing. TheLos Altos, Calif.-based company is reportedly focused n the vascular health market, and is “developing devices that restore flow in blood vessels without using potentially harmful permanent implants or resorting to limb […]

The post Stealthy vascular play Efemoral Medical raises $1m appeared first on MassDevice.


1 day ago in Abbott board

Absolutely nothing. Miles is happy with the business and its management.

TSO3 touts publication of Sterizone VP4 duodenoscope sterilization study

14 hours ago

TSO3 (TSE:TOS) yesterday touted the publication of results from a study exploring clinical in-use and simulated use testing of terminal sterilization of duodenoscopes with its Sterizone VP4 sterilizer. Results from the study were published in the American Journal of Infection Control, the Quebec City-based company said. Results from the study indicated that the Sterizone hydrogen peroxide-ozone […]

The post TSO3 touts publication of Sterizone VP4 duodenoscope sterilization study appeared first on MassDevice.

New Technique Allows for Live Retinal Cell Imaging

14 hours ago

Researchers at the National Eye Institute in the U.S. have developed a retinal imaging technique that reveals live neurons, blood vessels, and epithelial cells within the retina. The method involves combining adaptive optics and angiography, and allows the researchers to view complex units of cells that interact in the outer edge of the retina. As […]

Money Deducted

2 days ago in Change Healthcare board

I guess the 70% investment from McKesson didn't come through in time.


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