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Wright Medical, KFx settle patent spat, ink licensing deal

13 hours ago

KFx Medical said today it and Wright Medical (NSDQ:WMGI) agreed to dismiss patent litigation over rotator cuff repair patents between the companies and ink a licensing deal. Through the newly inked deal, Memphis, Tenn.-based Wright Medical and its affiliates will have the right to promote the use of products and techniques for knotless double row rotator cuff […]

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Depuy Attune Tibial Loosening

5 hours ago in Depuy Synthes board

doctors looking to convert bc experiencing problems? Or you as a competitor using it to convert

Who has watched Netflix's 'Dirty Money'

6 hours ago in Valeant Pharmaceuticals board

nothing cause she didn’t sell it yet. She’s waiting for 0$ but it will probably never happen. The new team have made a good work so far to turnaround the business model and return in classic R&D investmen

Nevro Senza SCS HF10 Therapy

10 hours ago in Nevro board

Exactly. Man, there is some serious desperation out there from all companies not named Nevro. Your ability to create nonsense out of nothing is truly impresssive. Keep watching CNN!

Medical device startups: Here’s how you handle regulatory and reimbursement

13 hours ago

The two “Rs” — regulatory and reimbursement — are critical elements of the environment in which a medical device product is developed. Bill Betten, Betten Systems Solutions This is the fourth in a series of articles that discusses the design of innovative products in the highly regulated medical environment.  But the “environmental” factors of regulatory and reimbursement actually […]

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Company car choice

11 hours ago in Medtronic board

Medtronic is not about sick days or vacation days. They are about case coverage. You get a car allaownce. Depending on how much debt you want to get into, pick any car you want.


13 hours ago in Orthofix board

From $35 to $49 in a year is a great return. I say Brad keeps doing what he's doing despite your complaining.

Titan Medical and JNJ Partnership or Acquisition

13 hours ago in Johnson & Johnson board

There is a rumor going around that JNJ may be in the process of partnering with Titan or even working on something more substantial. Can any JNJ employees with knowledge confirm whether this is true or not?

I can't see anything like this being real considering the partnership with Alphabet (Google) and JNJ. Verb surgical is working in stealth mode and appear to be doing their own thing. I don't know why JNJ would need anything at all from Titan.

On the flip-side, I've heard this from a couple of …

India proposes caps on use of imported med devices, priority for local makers

13 hours ago

India’s government is proposing new regulations that could set significant caps on medical devices imported into the country, according to a new set of draft guidelines from the country’s Department of Pharmaceuticals. The new regulation would require that 50% of all medical disposables and consumables and 40% of all implants be produced locally, according to […]

The post India proposes caps on use of imported med devices, priority for local makers appeared first on MassDevice.

Senza II

14 hours ago in Nevro board

Engineers were instructed that it must fit inside Rami's closed fist, so it must be pretty small.

Arthrex is a great company

14 hours ago in Arthrex board

How many associate reps at Arthrex have a chance to be anything but a box opener??

Nevro vs. Stimwave

15 hours ago in Nevro board

Stryker wants proof of concept. Saluda is yet to have shown that but admittley so, they do have a cool system that Saluda clinical trial sites are speaking very favorably about. I think the company that is showing growth numbers, despite them being small in comparison to the big four, is Nuvectra. With sacral coming in Q4, Nuvectra offers potentially, more than any other player right now and is the front runner for acquisition by stryker

FDA clears Edwards Lifesciences hypotension index software

14 hours ago

Edwards Lifesciences (NYSE:EW) said today it won FDA de novo approval for its Acumen Hypotension Prediction Index software designed to address potential hypotension in surgical patients. The Irvine, Calif.-based company said it is engaging in a targeted launch of the system in the US following the approval, which clears the software as an adjunctive predictive cardiovascular […]

The post FDA clears Edwards Lifesciences hypotension index software appeared first on MassDevice.

Depuy Attune use in Ireland

17 hours ago in Depuy Synthes board

I'm not making a joke with this question. I'm sincerely wondering why there are so many Attune MAUDE reports in Ireland and so much less (relatively speaking) here in the states? Obviously there are more procedures in the U.S. than Ireland so this makes it odd.

Is the technique that much worse in Ireland or do the reps in the U.S. just not report them on a regular basis like they do in Ireland?

NFL quarterback Shane Matthews sentenced to three months in prison for healthcare fraud

18 hours ago in General Medical Sales board

tons of reps are still doing this but they're selling pee tests and not pain cream.

if you are going to go down this road make sure the company/pharmacy you work for isn't doing shady billing practices. you'll go down with them too.

Blockchain Technology for Transparent Drug Pricing: Interview with Cambridge Consultants

14 hours ago

Frustration with the US pharmaceutical industry has been on the rise along with the steadily increasing out-of-pocket copays for prescriptions drugs. The news cycle has also been reporting more frequently on extreme overnight price hikes on, at times, life-saving drugs. Many people are suspecting foul play because drug price negotiations are often held behind closed doors. Together, […]

Stryker and Novadaq Meeting

18 hours ago in Novadaq board

The two cultures are vastly different. More will leave on their own and Stryker knows it. They won't have to have a massive sales layoff with legacy Novadaq reps. The great days of Novadaq are gone.

Blame the ERP

18 hours ago in Patterson Dental Supply board

The ERP sucks but does management have to blame a bad quarter on it? Have some accountability and take the blame for mismanagement of the dental side of the business.

One thing for sure is the ERP isn't making sales reps more effective. It's a headache but Walchirk should blame himself for the bad quarter and not realizing how hard it would be to transition to this new system.


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