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Merck Layoffs 2018

18 hours ago in Merck board

There were recently layoffs in sales of Animal Health. Very normal though in such a large organization.

Ethicon and Google Surgical Robot

19 hours ago in Ethicon board

Even the J&J board can't figure it out.

Medtech[y] | Verb Surgical with JNJ and Google

The intuitive Surgical beater. The next great thing. Johnson & Johnson is an innovative company again. I remember thinking all of this when the deal with Google was announced. Verb was going to become the most innovative company in the medical device industry and the robotic surgery applications they…

Virtis Sacral Neuromodulation System

24 hours ago in Nuvectra board

good system. ipg smaller than algovita. battery charges one to two hours every couple of weeks. device life is 15 years. more than algovita scs system which is ten years. they also have a pne lead. virtis, to my knowledge, will not have pne at launch. axonics had 3t and 1.5t mri head only but 3t and 1.5t. better than interstim. peripherals are nice. both virtis and axonics are better than interstim axonics will take share if they can manage operations and field support.

axonics lead …

Boston Scientific launches LithoVue Empower kidney stone retrieval device

2 days ago

Boston Scientific (NYSE:BSX) said today it launched its LithoVue Empower retrieval deployment device designed to be used with the LithoVue single-use digital flexible ureteroscope during ureteroscopic kidney stone retrieval procedures. The Marlborough, Mass.-based company said that the LithoVue Empower is intended to turn a two-person stone basketing procedure into a single-person procedure, allowing urologists to operate a […]

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Nuvectra Trifecta

1 day ago in Nuvectra board

bs. what patient doesn't understand a surgery and chance of success before getting it done? if you don't know what you are signing up for that's on you. FAKE NEWS

Chinese Sinus Balloon

2 days ago in Entellus Medical board

The XENT reps are doing anything they can to survive. Their sales culture is real bad right now. 90% of the reps feel cheated by their quotas while the same people get a golden quota. Trying to win at all costs so they can put bread on the table.

BioSig to uplist to NASDAQ exchange

2 days ago

BioSig Technologies (OTCQB: BSGM) said this week it plans to uplist onto the Nasdaq Capital Market, beginning today. The Santa Monica, Calif.-based company said that the uplisting follows its receipt of FDA 510(k) clearance for its Pure EP electrophysiology system. BioSig said that the PureEP system is designed for acquiring, digitizing, amplifying, filtering, measuring and calculating, displaying, […]

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Consumer Products

2 days ago in Johnson & Johnson board

Instead of pulling the plug on Consumer, they are relaunching baby products even though the brand has declined 20% since 2011. Earlier this year, sales were down 14%.

Now comes the C & C by Clean & Clear experiment. Like selling anything to teens is a consistent home run.

Pick a lane Gorsky. Either sell off consumer or the medical device business. You can't focus on so much and have success.

EverSleep Wearable Sleep Tracker: Product Review and Interview with CEO

2 days ago

Readers might recall the 2017 Indiegogo campaign by SomnoHealth to create EverSleep, a wearable sleep tracker with built-in oxygenation monitoring. The campaign reached 224% of its original goal in addition to receiving a $50k Arrow Electronics Flash Funding Grant and recognition as a 2017 National Sleep Foundation SleepTech 2017 Semifinalist. Today, the EverSleep device is […]

Verb Surgical with JNJ and Google

2 days ago in Johnson & Johnson board

It's kind of like when the homecoming queen says yes to the biggest nerd in school. JNJ is the nerd in this relationship and they are just happy to be going to the dance with the biggest tech company in the world because it makes them feel cooler about themselves.

There's no substance, i.e. no robot or product, but having a silicon valley lab with such a player is good enough. Make sure you frame the picture from the dance to show all your friends.

The Medtronic Spine Downfall

2 days ago in Medtronic board

Well this time is different. Omar made it official with Mazor and is going all in on spine so you crybabies can't complain any longer. Omar has no excuses either. The big splash at NASS is only the start.

SPPI Message Board

3 days ago in Spectrum Pharmaceuticals board

Wrong Doings of SPPI's Biostat Head Gajanan Bhat.

His name is Gajanan Bhat and he does everything unethical. He is highly incapable. Lost in FDA many times. Latest was ODAC 2016. This and all other pharma forums shows ugly defame stories about his failure. He gets Cafe Pharma posts removed which are against him. That's why this post is posted in 9 other pharma forums so if this gets deleted from here ..it will still be in other forum...you betcha..

What he did recently is that he got rid of bel…

What you should know about today’s top trends in medtech

2 days ago

Medtech’s hottest topics in M&A, intellectual property, finance and regulation will be on the agenda at DeviceTalks Boston Oct. 8-11. Patent attorney David Dykeman from the Boston office of the global law firm Greenberg Traurig will moderate the Oct. 9 hot topics panel in which the discussion will center around: · M&A trends from the perspective of […]

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