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Australia TGA to change Prostheses List publication schedule starting in 2019

55 minutes ago

By Stewart Eisenhart, Emergo Group The Australian Department of Health will begin publishing its Prostheses List of prosthetic medical devices more frequently starting in 2019 in an effort to address patient access and manufacturer reimbursement issues. Get the full story here at the Emergo Group’s blog. The opinions expressed in this blog post are the […]

The post Australia TGA to change Prostheses List publication schedule starting in 2019 appeared first on MassDevice.

The real story on Nevro's turnover and layoffs

14 hours ago in Nevro board

Certainly, Mr. White is a CEO in the same market as Nevro, but Rami is categorically better in every way.

Bayer will stop selling Essure

2 days ago in Patient Focus board

Bayer only pulled Essure because they wanted to save a little face before 'The Bleeding Edge' Netflix documentary came out next week.

Why hasn't Johnson & Johnson acquired Neotract?

2 days ago in Neotract board

Thinking Josh helped create a great company in Neotract is not the same as worshipping him. It sounds like you have bigger issues if you can't even recognize that. Neotract is great and he is one of the many reasons why. I don't even know or care about Acclarent.

J&J, UPenn announce launch of Philly JLabs healthcare incubator

3 days ago

Johnson & Johnson (NYSE:JNJ) said this week that it, alongside the University of Pennsylvania, have launched a new J&J Innovation JLabs incubator in Philadelphia. The new JPod incubator will be located within the University of Pennsylvania’s Pennovation Center with a goal of accelerating the development of early-stage healthcare solutions from the local area. As part of […]

The post J&J, UPenn announce launch of Philly JLabs healthcare incubator appeared first on MassDevice.

51 Year Old Needs Some Advice Regarding Getting Into Medical Sales

4 days ago in General Medical Sales board

Hello to the OP and thank you for sharing. We noticed your post and thought we would share this position with you. While it may not be an ideal fit, you can create a free account and connect with the recruiter who posted it. The recruiter may have more positions available that fit what you are looking for.

An account on Medtechy Jobs is free and you can apply for any of the jobs with your account. You can also keep your profile hidden if you like.

Thank you again for sharing.

Medical Sales Job Openings from Medtechy Jobs

4 days ago in General Medical Sales board

New Spine Position Posted:

Connect with the recruiter and apply for the position through the link.

United Therapeutics $216m deal for SteadyMed clears HRS Act waiting period

3 days ago

United Therapeutics (NSDQ:UTHR) said today that it stepped closer to completing its $216 million acquisition of SteadyMed (NSDQ:STDY) after terminating the the HSR Act waiting period. The merger combines two companies that were in court as recently as last November, fighting over patents covering treprostinil, the active ingredient in both companies’ lead products. Read the whole story on our sister […]

The post United Therapeutics $216m deal for SteadyMed clears HRS Act waiting period appeared first on MassDevice.

Novartis Spins Off Alcon

4 days ago in Alcon board

Now just get rid of the sycophant management that Novartis brought over and Alcon can get back to normal.


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