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Take MedReps 2018 Best Places to Work in Medical Sales Here

2 hours ago in Announcements Message Board board

Help our partner, MedReps, by taking their 2018 Best Places to Work in Medical Sales Survey by clicking on the link below. The survey only takes a couple of minutes.

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This surgical glue seals wounds in 60 seconds

2 hours ago

A potentially life-saving surgical glue that is highly elastic and adhesive can quickly seal wounds in seconds without the need for common staples or sutures. The surgical glue, called MeTro, is a development from biomedical engineers at the University of Sydney and biomedical engineers from Harvard University. MeTro has a high elasticity that can seal […]

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Artificial intelligence could prevent breast cancer false positives: Here’s how

2 hours ago

Artificial intelligence could improve detection and diagnosis of breast cancer and eliminate false positives, according to new research out of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL). A team of researchers from MIT’s CSAIL, Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School developed an AI system with machine learning that can […]

The post Artificial intelligence could prevent breast cancer false positives: Here’s how appeared first on MassDevice.

Depuy Accused of Witness Tampering in Hip Implant Trial

2 hours ago in Depuy Synthes Message Board board

We would like to thank the user who posted this thread. In order to help with readability, we've linked to the document referenced in the original thread. De Puy Ortho Doc1 by medtechy on Scribd

Medtronic RTG - Restorative Therapies Group

3 hours ago in Medtronic Message Board board

RTG currently consists of:

  1. Spine & Biologics (Sofamor Danek),
  2. Pelvic Health & Gastro
  3. Ear, Nose & Throat (Xomed)
  4. Pain Therapies
    1. Stimulation
    2. Targeted Drug Delivery (Drug Pump)
    3. Interventional
  5. Brain Therapies
    1. Enabling Technologies (Surgical Navigation)
    2. Neurosurgical Technologies (Advanced Energy, tissue ablation)
    3. CSF Management & Critical Care (Hydrocephalus, and Neuro-Critical Care)
    4. Brain Modulation
    5. Neurovascular

This company helps cell therapies travel around the world

2 hours ago

With Gilead Sciences (NSDQ:GILD) and Novartis (NYSE:NVS) leading the way, cell therapies are moving on to the market and into the clinics for patients that have no other option. Companies making CAR-T therapies use a patient’s own cells to genetically engineer a cancer-killing cellular therapy that is then delivered back to the patient. And one 55-person company is responsible […]

The post This company helps cell therapies travel around the world appeared first on MassDevice.

Puerto Rico

15 hours ago in Medtronic Message Board board

Funny how Abbott / St. Jude have operations in Puerto Rico and they haven't complained once. But hey, it was a believable and convenient excuse. Well played.

Varian launches Halcyon treatment in EU

2 hours ago

Varian Medical (NYSE:VAR) said today it launched its Halcyon image-guided volumetric intensity modulated radiotherapy cancer treatment system in the European Union, with the 1st patient being treated in Blegium. The Palo Alto, Calif.-based company said its Halcyon IMRT system features improvements that make it more comfortable for patients and streamline operator’s workflow, only requiring 9 […]

The post Varian launches Halcyon treatment in EU appeared first on MassDevice.

What is the problem at Applied Medical

16 hours ago in Applied Medical Message Board board

I've never seen so many sales opening than I have for Applied Medical. There are at least 30 sales opening for associates, TM's, clinicals. What is the deal here?

Ameritox Sales Consultant

16 hours ago in Ameritox Message Board board

Those numbers are the same as what I was told. This is for the Louisville, KY territory. Got any info on the manager and job?

Typical Non-Compete Length

21 hours ago in NuVasive Message Board board

One of my friends from a previous job is recruiting me to come to Nuvasive for an upcoming opening and I am hesitant to tell him about my current non-compete.

Is Nuvasive used to hiring reps with non-competes, and if so, what is the typical length of one in ortho? Please be helpful. I can deal with a little trash talk but it is a serious question that I have. Thanks.


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