TransEnterix Places Senhance Surgical System Within Ochsner Health System

Posted on January 09, 2020 by Medtech[y] Staff

TransEnterix (NYSE:TRXC) announced a deal with Ochsner Health System for their Senhance Robotic Surgical System. The surgical robot will be installed at the Ochsner Baptist facility under a lease agreement, which is typical for hospital systems when acquiring expensive capital equipment.

“I’m excited to bring new minimally invasive technology to the patients at Ochsner Baptist,” said Dr. George B. Morris, IV, chairman of OB/GYN at Ochsner Baptist. “We believe new technology, such as the Senhance Surgical System, will allow our skilled surgeons to maximize control, offer precise surgery, and minimize invasiveness for patients.”

“As a health system, we are continuing to drive innovation as part of our mission to serve our patients,“ said Beth Walker, chief executive officer Ochsner Baptist. “We evaluated the Senhance Surgical System and believe it will be a welcome addition to our leading offering for patients seeking advanced minimally invasive and robotic surgery.”

While it has taken a lot longer than expected to place systems within the US, the fact that TransEnterix has finally partnered with a respected health system will at least open doors for them with other Ochsner facilities.

In order to get any kind of equipment placed at a hospital, the product needs to be on contract or go through the process of being approved within the health system. Senhance was doubtfully under contract which means the company had to go through the system's purchasing committee before the product could be purchased.

Point being, they have crossed the first hurdle and now have an opportunity to more easily place systems within the Oschner system if they are able to get surgeon support at those other facilities.

For a company that has taken so long in getting placements in the U.S., any little help makes a big difference.

“We are pleased that Ochsner Baptist Medical Center is beginning its digital laparoscopy program using the Senhance Surgical System,” said Anthony Fernando, president and chief executive officer at TransEnterix. “Our system is designed to minimize invasiveness, maximize control, and support responsible economics for the hospital. We look forward to partnering with the surgeons at Ochsner Baptist to advance patient care in ways that matter in today's value-based healthcare landscape.”

TransEnterix has had a rough go of it lately, with a new CEO, a reverse stock split, and revenue that will not allow the company to be sustainable if they don't show significant growth in 2020.

“The challenges we faced in 2019 shouldn’t overshadow the significant progress we made in putting the pieces in place to make 2020 a transformative year for TransEnterix,” said Anthony Fernando, President and CEO of TransEnterix. "We have recently signed agreements with two hospitals that will be initiating their digital laparoscopy programs utilizing the Senhance® System beginning in the first quarter of 2020. In addition, our current Senhance clinical sites are performing more volume and more complex surgery than ever before. We believe we are on the cusp of introducing transformative technological capabilities in augmented intelligence and instrumentation.”