O Bar

Oschner Hospital Creates Apple Store Experience for Expecting Mothers

Posted on March 04, 2019 by Medtech[y] Staff

New Orleans, Louisiana-based Ochsner Health System has enrolled 1,000 pregnant patients in their new "Connected MOM" program, which stands for Connected Maternity Online Monitoring and allows patients to monitor their health from home, according to CNBC.

Three things to know:

1. The hospital created the Ochsner "O Bar", which was modeled after the Apple Genius Bar and displays connected weight scales, blood pressure monitors and activity trackers for pregnant mothers to use.

2. Patients take readings on the connected devices once or twice per week. The readings are then sent to Apple's HealthKit and synced to Ochsner's electronic medical record system, which are then shared with the patient's physician. If the patient misses a reading, the app will send a reminder.

3. As many of the basic readings are completed with the connected devices, patients are able to cut down on the amount of appointments during their pregnancies as long as the readings are normal. With connected devices and apps like Apple's HealthKit connecting with medical records, it's no surprise that other hospitals across the country are starting to embrace similar programs to improve patient care and cut down on unnecessary in-person visits.

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