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Medtechy Deals: The carry-on suitcase that will change your life

Posted on May 28, 2019 by Medtech[y] Staff

There’s only so much space inside an airline-approved carry-on, right? Wrong. Although the dimensions measure up, the Genius Pack G4 has managed to create more interior room for your things—and to work like a brilliant personal assistant in efficiently organizing (and reminding you to bring!) everything you need.

Magic? Kind of. This well-crafted luggage does the thinking for you, with labeled compartments for socks, undies, chargers, and more. It has a built-in Packing Checklist, simple but thorough, that covers Clothing, Toiletries, Tech, and Travel items (Passport! Itinerary!).

Design-wise, it’s as if Genius Pack engineers have been following us around listening to us lose it at the airport. There’s a built-in spot for a tiny umbrella; a water bottle compartment—even a pull-out strap to bungee your jacket to the top of your bag while you’re cruising the terminal deciding between Cinnabon and a banana.

Dirty laundry has never been so fun

That’s all very well and good, you say, but somehow packing for the trip home is a whole lot more chaotic than prepping for the way there, right? Genius Pack has thought of this. And one of its most impressive functions has got you covered: A laundry compression feature that takes the air out of dirty clothes with the press of a button, reducing their bulk by up to 50%. Dirty stuff is in its own laundry bag that zips right out when you get home, so you can take it straight to the basement and toss those clothes in the wash, without ever having to worry about them intermingling with all the nice new pieces you bought while away. (Vacation shopping is the best shopping!)

A pleasure to drive

Frequent travelers know none of the above makes a difference if a carry-on does not have a smooth ride. The Genius Pack G4 Carry-On delivers, gliding through the airport on high-quality 360-degree rotation wheels. The handle is sturdy and substantial, with multiple lock positions—so it’s ergonomic for all heights—with a memory foam grip that will keep you comfy even when speed-walking to that gate-change. And if you need more space? The exterior zipper lets your Genius Pack expand by 25%, and still stay within carry-on dimensions.

This bag’s quality and cleverness will make every trip a little less hectic. It normally retails for $298. But right now you can get your own Genius Pack G4—in one of five color options—for only $179 (that’s 39% off). A small investment to make that upcoming trip—and all your future travel—smoother, sweeter, and more enjoyable.

Dont miss out, get the Genius Pack G4 now!