Medivis Launches AR Technology Platform for Surgical Applications

Posted on February 15, 2019 by Medtech[y] Staff

Medivis, a medical imaging and visualization company for surgical applications, has officially unveiled "SurgicalAR," its augmented reality (AR) technology platform for surgical applications that leverages Microsoft HoloLens technology to improve surgical precision and operator confidence while ensuring patient safety.

The company, founded by by neurosurgeon Osamah Choudhry, MD and radiologist Christopher Morley, MD is also announcing it has closed a $2.3M seed round led by Initialized Capital.

"Surgeons today still rely on 2D images to display patient data, requiring practitioners to turn their visual attention away from the patient," said Choudhry. "They are forced to use their imagination to mentally fuse and display data in order to accurately plan and perform surgery with precision. This is incredibly difficult and inefficient for the practitioner and leaves the door open to potential error. SurgicalAR was developed to enable superior utilization of medical imaging data to maximize accuracy, improve surgical outcomes, and ensure patient safety in the operating room. This technology represents the next big paradigm shift in medical imaging and will revolutionize the entire imaging spectrum from pre-operative planning to modern surgical navigation."

Dr. Christopher Morley at CES discussing how AR + 5G will change healthcare.

With SurgicalAR, surgeons can:

  • Improve Surgical Accuracy: True depth perception enhances visuospatial understanding which considerably improves surgical planning and performance.
  • Make Better Decisions, Faster: AR brings raw imaging data to life in a hands-free spatial environment, making accurate, real-time decision making possible.
  • Improve Patient Outcome & Safety: Holographic overlays increase surgical precision and reduce time spent in the operating room.

Medivis was purpose built for enterprise-level healthcare organizations. The platform works seamlessly with any legacy infrastructure and enables surgeons to directly sync and integrate with hospital picture archiving and communication systems (PACS) in record time.

"When we first met Osamah and Chris, we immediately understood the magnitude of the problem they were determined to solve. Medical imaging as it relates to surgical procedures has largely been neglected, leaving patients open to all sorts of complications and general safety issues," said Eric Woersching, General Partner, Initialized Capital. "We took one look at Medivis' platform and knew they were poised to transform the operating room. Not only does their hands-free approach to visualization meet a real need for greater surgical accuracy, but the team has the passion and expertise in the medical field to bring it all to fruition. We couldn't be more thrilled to welcome Medivis to the Initialized family."