Fuse Medical Announces Launch of Sterizo Total Knee Replacement System

Posted on August 23, 2019 by Medtech[y] Staff

Fuse Medical, Inc., (OTCPK: FZMD), an emerging manufacturer and distributor of innovative medical devices for the orthopedic and spine marketplace, announced the launch of the Sterizo Total Knee Replacement System, the latest addition to a comprehensive line of orthopedic product offerings.

The Sterizo Total Knee System is a next generation technology platform based on proven and accepted design principles in the orthopedic total knee arthroplasty marketplace. Its high flexion engineered, multi radius design delivers exceptional range of motion. The Sterizo Total Knee System offers a full range of sizes as well as multiple stabilization options, including, Cruciate Retained, Ultra Congruent Anterior Stabilized and Posterior Stabilized.

The Sterizo Total Knee System utilizes a streamlined, stackable, two tray modular instrument system for simplicity and to help reduce sterile processing costs. The intelligent design of the Sterizo Total Knee System provides for an improved approach to completing a total knee arthroplasty with great efficiency.

“We are excited to expand our orthopedic product portfolio and national distribution footprint with the addition of the Sterizo Total Knee Replacement System,” commented Christopher C. Reeg, Chief Executive Officer of Fuse. “The launch of this technology will present surgeons with advanced options for treatment of their patients requiring total knee arthroplasty. Our primary knee offering will be followed next year by the launch of a comprehensive revision knee system, as well a primary total hip system, highlighting our commitment to advance our competitive product portfolio in the orthopedic marketplace. The Sterizo Total Knee System also provides new opportunities for independent distributors nationwide. Our priority at Fuse is to provide effective solutions for today’s clinical challenges and assist with improving surgical outcomes.”