Evolus Announces Successful Completion of the Jeuveau Experience Treatment (J.E.T) Program

Posted on September 05, 2019 by Medtech[y] Staff

Evolus, Inc. (NASDAQ: EOLS), a performance beauty company with a customer-centric approach focused on delivering breakthrough products, today announced the company has successfully completed the J.E.T. Program and achieved the number three unit share position for Jeuveau in the United States.

“The combination of our investment in the J.E.T. program, digital platform and highly skilled sales force has enabled us to quickly establish a significant footprint in an established market. Within 90 days of launch, we achieved the number three market position in the U.S., ahead of expectations, and remain highly confident in our ability to achieve the number two U.S. market position within 24 months of launch,” said David Moatazedi, President and Chief Executive Officer. “These results would not have been possible without the support of our aesthetic customers who completed the J.E.T. program and purchased Jeuveau since we launched the product in May.”

J.E.T shipments are now complete and key highlights from the program include:

  • More than 5,400 accounts enrolled in J.E.T. and a majority of revenue has come from accounts that completed J.E.T.
  • Over 28,000 consumers completed J.E.T. surveys and approximately 25% of J.E.T. patients were neurotoxin naïve, indicating market expansion potential.
  • High rates of satisfaction amongst patients treated with Jeuveau at day 90, plus a high willingness to continue with Jeuveau and refer it to a friend.