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Best Ways for Sales Reps to Watch TV While Traveling for Work

Posted on April 22, 2019 by Medtech[y] Staff

For those of us who travel for work, our friends and family often think we are lucky and living the good life. What they don't realize is we are usually stuck in an office building or hospital during our travel, only to head back to our hotel to eat and get caught up on the email we missed during the day. In other words, it's not the life of luxury that's shown in so many Instagram profiles of the 1%.

For the rest of us in the 99%, we enjoy going back to our hotel room, getting out of our work clothes and do what we can to relax while responding to those emails.

This is why it's so important to have an entertainment outlet once you get to your hotel room.

Even something on in the background can be healthy, even if it's only Spotify on your phone. From a TV and movie perspective, there are so many options these days.

It's honestly to the point where it's better to have a great internet connection than a TV in my hotel room as with your computer, tablet or phone, you can basically transport your living room to your hotel room anywhere in the world.

So how do I wind down and stay up on my shows when I travel?

As I mentioned, the hotel TV is usually a dumb device with the local channels and a handful of extras included. There's no Netflix or DVR so you are essentially stuck watching what's on.

This is one of the reasons I have completely cut the cord at home as it allows me to travel with my TV and entertainment.

The first thing I do when in a hotel room is to check the speed of the internet by going to a great website called speedcheck. As long as the speed is 25 Mbps or higher, I know that I can basically stream whatever I want and be able to connect my other devices for work related purposes.

Once you check the internet speed, you can watch TV or movies on most computers, Tablets and phones.

My personal opinion is I try to keep my work devices separate from my personal devices so I use an iPad most of the time. Big brother is annoying and if you're concerned that your company tracks your devices then use your own.

My wife uses her iPhone to watch shows and that gives me a headache thinking about it. To each their own though.

You can even take a step further and bring a Roku or Fire TV Stick with you when you travel and plug it into the hotel TV but that's unnecessary in my opinion.

The great thing about the day and age we are living in is the ability to literally watch anything you want whenever you want it.

Once you get your laptop or tablet setup, the obvious go-to apps are Netflix, Amazon Prime TV and maybe HBO to get caught up on Game of Thrones.

What if you want to watch live sports or have access to your DVR. There are great options like YouTubeTV, Sling TV or PlaystationVue if you’ve cut the cord and they give you access to your DVR and live sports depending on where you live. I’ve been using them for over two years and would never go back to a boring box or satellite company.

For the most part, they give me every channel I want at a fraction of the cost. While YouTubeTV recently increased their price to $49 per month, you can still find plans on Sling TV for $15 per month. The different services offer a variety of options but most include enough DVR space to bring the shows you've recorded with you wherever you go while also letting you watch the same live TV channels you watch at home.

Having this option is a great way to bring some parts of your home with you while you are on the road. Even if it's only a TV show or live sporting event that's not shown on your hotel TV, having the ability to bring some of the comforts of your home with you on the road eases the stress of work travel.

Take advantage of the available technology and at least entertain yourself as much as possible while you are away from your family and replying to those emails you couldn’t get to during the day.

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