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Apple unveils new health features in iOS 13

Posted on June 04, 2019 by Medtech[y] Staff

Apple's commitment to healthcare has only increased in the last two years, with additional features being added to the Apple Watch, including getting FDA clearance for their ECG app and arrhythmia detection.

Yesterday, at Apple's Apple's annual WWDC developer conference, the company unveiled iOS13 their new mobile operating system. As expected, there were several health related features added to the latest software update, including iPhone and Apple Watch users now being able to monitor hearing health over time and menstrual cycles and symptoms.

The "Cycle Tracking" app helps Apple Watch and iPhone users understand their menstrual cycle by logging symptoms and received notifications when their periods are about to begin, giving them a view of their predicted fertility window. Apple Vice President of Health Sumbul Desai said, “We are so excited to bring more focus to this incredibly important aspect of women’s health.”

Apple's new "Noise" app will be used by the microphone on the Apple Watch and measure decibel levels while the user is wearing headphones and alert them if the volume of their music or exterior noise is at levels dangerous enough to cause hearing damage.“Since hearing loss is often so gradual, it’s important to know when the sounds around you are loud enough to impact your hearing, like when you’re in the middle of a construction zone, at a sporting event or playing your music really loud to drown out your singing voice,” Desai said.

The New Apple Watch software update will help users understand their activity levels better and push them to get back on track if they start slipping.

Additionally, as Apple has been focused on user privacy, the company ensures that the user controls their health data, allowing them to share the data with select apps.

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