Titan Medical Expands Patent Portfolio for Single-Port Robotic Surgery

Posted on December 17, 2018 by Medtech[y] Staff

Titan Medical ($TMDI) today announced seven new patent grants and notices of allowance related to its single-port robotic surgery technology, including patents covering multi-articulating instruments, robotic system control and user interfaces. Including these new patents and notices, the Company has 28 issued patents and 70 pending patent applications in the U.S., Europe, Canada, Australia, Japan and China.

With respect to the technology behind its unique multi-articulating instruments for single-port robotic surgical systems, Titan has been granted Japanese Patent, titled “Actuator and Drive for Manipulating a Tool.”

This is the Titan’s second patent in Japan. Also related to its unique multi-articulating instruments, Titan has received notices of allowance in the United States and China for patent applications titled “Articulated Tool Positioner and System Employing Same.” Once issued in the coming weeks, this will be Titan’s first patent in China. Titan continues to develop technologies with respect to its multi-articulating instruments and anticipates filing additional patents to strengthen its unique position in single-port surgical robotics.

Titan has also been granted U.S. Patent No. 10,130,434, titled “Robotic System Display Method for Displaying Auxiliary Information,” which builds on some of the early research and development activities undertaken by Titan in communicating auxiliary information to the surgeon user.

Titan also received a notice of allowance in the United States for a patent application titled “Robotic Hand Controller,” which is generally related to communicating robotic system information to the user surgeon by means of a haptic interface. Titan expects to continue to expand its patent portfolio around the provision of effective information and ergonomic interfaces for surgeons and bedside assistants.

In addition to patent grants and notices of allowance with respect to robotic instruments and user interfaces, the Company has also received notices of allowance in the United States and Europe for patent applications related generally to control methods for robotic surgical systems, including the provision of select control and safety functions that enable optimal controllability of robotic instruments during use. These control methods are directed at alignment control of robotic instruments, including the multi-articulated instruments as employed in the Company’s robotic surgical system, which are important for facilitating movement within a single-port surgical site.

“The granting of these patents and those pending issuance further strengthen Titan’s position as a leader in single-port robotic surgery technology,” commented David McNally, President and CEO of Titan Medical. “It is exciting to see the progress we have made in protecting our intellectual property in major markets around the world.

“I commend our team’s technical and strategic skills and the great strides being made by engineers working to develop and further innovate the SPORT Surgical System. We believe our system offers advanced technology in single-port robotic surgery, and these recent patent grants and notices of allowance demonstrate our creativity in establishing and protecting our market position,” he added.