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Tesla to offer employees 'first-class' health clinics

Posted on October 25, 2018 by Medtech[y] Staff

More companies are moving towards offering employees on-site healthcare options as Elon Musk announced during Tesla's earnings call yesterday that the company recently opened a new and improved health clinic for employees. 

We written about Apple and Amazon  opening their own health clinics for employees, and now Tesla has joined other Silicon Valley employers by having clinics at their Fremont and Giga locations. 

These clinics are for employees to use during or outside of work. 

​We've also just opened a new and improved health clinic, so when injuries do occur we get the absolute best care for our associates. And it's actually overseen by one of California's leading orthopedic surgeons. And we did that, because most of our injuries, like we said like 80%, 85% are those sprains and strains. So now they get that best care here on site. And we have 24/7 care. We are actually staffed by three full-time doctors and nurses. And I am really super happy with the care they're giving, and I think the employees are as well.

Source: SeekingAlpha